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Saturday, June 04, 2005

story for a rainy day

since it's rainy and cold and I'd rather stay inside than do the yard work I wanted to catch up on this weekend, and I'm tired of doing work right now, I'll fill you in on one follow-up to the can guys and girls just be friends conundrum...

I went to a baseball game the other night courtesy of my company's tickets with two of my friends. one of them was OhThoseEyes.

when we sat down for the game, OhThoseEyes sat next to me. we talked about all kinds of things and everything seemed fine and back to friendly normal.

we all went to get beer. my other friend P bought mine as thanks for the free ticket. I was back in the seats first, P was next, so he sat next to me. (P is definitely happily-coupled, and one that was convinced that OhThoseEyes and I should try the more-than-friends thing.)

P and I always talk about random things when we hang out, and more so when beer is involved. so we talked about 24* (not the show, although I am addicted), potential camping trips this summer, another friend's wedding, what we'd do if we won the lottery, the players I thought were cute, etc.

sometime during the game, OhThoseEyes started acting strange... to the point that by the end of the game, P thanked me for the free ticket, and OhThoseEyes said nothing, except to P, and then it was only that he needed to get home.

I said goodbye to them both and headed out of the stadium the opposite direction, wondering why some guys act so strangely... also feeling a little sad, sad as it appears OhThoseEyes and I aren't back to being friends, just yet.

* a story for another rainy day


Anonymous said...

if you are interested in this guy,and from what u wrote in your last post, methinks you need a direct assault: ask him face to face what his hangup or whatever his problem is. he might be the shy retiring guy like me,:) anyways, you might get your answer!!
you do look like a nice out going person, who would not like you!!

Best of luck!

Anonymous bcuz i'm shy!

Jen said...

You said in a previous post that OhThose Eyes acted kind of "junior high school" in the past, and now he seems to be acting a little sketchy again. Aren't you afraid that if you did get together with him he would flake out and disappear like the ex did? He seems (from your decription) too immature to handle it. Maybe you should hold out for AdorableSmile.

They Call Me Lizzurd said...

I just found your blog and wanted to let you know I like what I see and will be stopping in frequently.

I hope you team at least won, since you didn't seem to score with OhThoseEyes.

ramblin' girl said...

Jen - I'm not really interested in dating OhThoseEyes anymore (unless he were to seriously grow-up), and unfortunately AdorableSmile lives in a different state... although I did get a few entertaining photos from the wedding today...
but, I hope to be friends with them again, because despite their shortcomings as romantic interests, they're both really fun to hang out with!