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Monday, May 09, 2005

not-coupled happiness

why do happily coupled people think the not-coupled people must conform to coupledom as soon as possible to attain true happiness?

do they not see the adventure in the bar scene, and internet dating, and the set-up?

oh, actually they do see the adventure in the set-up...

they, in their coupled delusions, seem to think that just because their friend xy is not-coupled and their other friend xx is not-coupled, the two must have something profound in common and they must set them up... even if it's a non-date.

def. non-date : when coupled friends set not-coupled friends up, however the not-coupled friends have no idea what's going on.

news flash to the happily coupled... some of us enjoy not being half of something for some period of time.

def. some period of time : unique to each not-coupled individual, and ends abruptly whenever happily coupled people actually have a gorgeous, intelligent, interesting friend that would be fun to hang out with.
this clarification for my dear, happily-coupled friends, that although I know to be well-meaning, seem to think I don't know what I'm talking about when I say either:

a) I'm happy being not-coupled.
read: not interested in their only other not-coupled friend (so very not-coupled for a reason)
b) I think your not-coupled friend is interesting.
read: I think he's interesting/hot/intelligent, and wouldn't mind hanging out again.

I'm glad you're happily coupled, but keep your coupledom to yourself until I tell you oh-so-subtly otherwise!


Aarwenn said...

Absolutely brilliant! What's up withn you, anyway? Are you a genius of the written word?

The World Against Me said...

I have to say.. in a very delayed response.. that Happily-coupled friends don't want to set you up.. it is the better half of the happily-coupled who convince the lesser half that it is a good idea. And we do all know who the better half in a happy relationship is. =P

Second Chance Princess said...

Okay...A little late, but better than NEVER! I love the way you said what I'd been thinking for the last two years!!! Thanks...and here's hoping 2006 is anything and everything you want it to be :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, simply brilliant.