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Monday, May 16, 2005

Vegas baby
- clipping (part ii)

so, the rest of the story from TheBar was told to me over the next day... (if you haven't read part i, you might want to first.)

while eating our drunk food that night, my friends, who were hanging out at the bar as I hopped over, told me that they witnessed the whole incident. and this is what they saw, as if it were in slow motion...

I was just swaying with and kissing CuteBoy when the couple next to us lost all sense of balance and toppled over straight into my knees, basically clipping me.

and since I was sorta attached to CuteBoy at the time, he started to fall over, too. and, as the bar floor was disgusting, CuteBoy reached down and used my head to keep himself from landing on the floor.

after CuteBoy helped me up, they said he got a strange look on his face (my guess here is that he saw the tears streaming down my face and thought that in hitting my head to keep himself upright he may have hurt me).

at this point I made a quick beeline to my friends at the bar, leaving CuteBoy kinda oddly staring at me while I'm hopping away...

so, when my friend A said you should keep dancing with him, he's really cute! she wasn't aware that I was actually in pain, she thought I'd gotten annoyed he'd used me to steady his balance while I was laying on the floor.

my friend A was also encouraging me to have fun, since she knows me to be uncharacteristically shy around guys I think have potential, even if it is just for drunken bar dancing.

so, when my friends were leaving they gave me the "are you sure you should be making the decision to stay with a random guy you just met when all your friends are leaving the bar??" look, and the last shred of sobriety in me knew that I needed to go with them... and after kissing CuteBoy goodnight, I followed...

[fast forward to the next morning]

so as we're scraping ourselves out of bed the next morning I find out that our other friend (who'd been dancing with CuteBoy's friend) had found out a few pieces of information from Friend:

1) CuteBoy's name*
2) where CuteBoy was from*
3) CuteBoy and friends were in Vegas for a bachelor party... CuteBoy's

I'm sorry, what???

yes, you're probably asking what kind of girl:

1) doesn't know the name of the guy she's kissing
2) or where he's from
3) or kisses a guy that's getting married... next weekend!

now I know it's no big thing, I'm sure guys go to Vegas for their bachelor parties and kiss drunk girls all the time (and worse)... but I really am not the kind of girl that would have kissed him if I'd known he was engaged...

and no I didn't ask, and yes, I guess maybe I should have. but maybe he should have divulged that information?

why, why do I always attract the attached guys**??

* protecting the names of the innocent and not-so-innocent

** I had thought it was some subconscious thing on my part that I was able to flirt more easily with attached guys, since I knew it was harmless... but now I wonder if it's not just that?


S said...

Well, only because you're fabulous, and a little shy, and attached guys can be more appreciative of the shy but interesting girl.
Glad you felt better after last week (or the alcohol kicked in enough) so you could dance!

Lisa said...

so, this is the second comment i've posted... not because i'm keeping track or stalking you, but i strongly believe we are very similar.
1. i'm from denver.
2. i'm the girl that buys and extra concert tix "just in case," too.
3. i have come to the conclusion that the only guys that actually dig me are the ones that have either- A) girlfriends or B)ex-girlfriends that they are still in love with C) ex-boyfriends that just want to remain my friend. i;m always "the other chick."

that's not exactly the same. but sorta is. thanks for the stories. gotta love vegas!

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

That's no different than me getting a guy's email address to "exchange" pictures from my friends bachelorette party and his friends bachelor party, right?