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Thursday, May 12, 2005

elevator to nowhere

just got home.

I had been very ineffectively trying to crank out a few last things at work before leaving for Vegas* tomorrow. but it was getting really late, and I have to get home to feed TheDog. poor thing's been stuck at home alone since I left early this morning. I pack up my things, grab my latest caffeine fix and head to the elevator.

I'm heading down, when the crazy machine lurches, spilling caffeine #3 all over me... elevator comes to a stop, and the gorgeous guy who works a few floors below steps in... you're kidding me, right? there's probably two people left in the entire building, and we end up leaving at the same time... what luck! oh wait, I'm drenched in coffee... of course I am...

he looks me over and says: rough day?

no sherlock, it's been an excellent day, that's why I'm heading down the elevator after 9pm, with coffee covering most of my shirt and half my skirt.

yeah, been a long one.

I am so witty sometimes it kills me.

so as we ride in uncomfortable silence down a few more floors I desperately try to think of something remotely interesting or humorous to say... nothing...

guy: well, have a better night.

thanks, have a good one.

so witty, oh, yeah, no wonder they're banging down my door...

* I am sure to come back with crazy stories... we'll see if what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

1 comment:

j2 said...

vegas, baby! ENJOY!!!
and i think its more like, "what happens in vegas is reported on your blog then never spoken of again".