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Monday, June 13, 2005

who's to blame?

I blame my family...

my mom
for teaching me it is alright to be a strong women in love with a strong man. for teaching me to believe that there has to be love and friendship in a relationship for it to work. for instilling in all of her children an appreciation of music and art. for insisting I play the saxophone through ninth grade. for enabling my concert habit. for teaching me how to be caring, kind and compassionate, as well as stubborn. for teaching me how to hover.

my dad
for teaching me it can be fun to be a science nerd, and that smart women are interesting women. for showing me that reading can be an escape and a way to connect with the world. for my addiction to the history and discovery channels. for being proud of me even when I wasn't sure I should be proud of myself. for insisting I learn how to change a tire before I was allowed to drive out of the driveway.

my oldest brother
for teaching me to work hard, and play harder, and cherish the little things in life. for showing me that life is what you make of it. that adventures are important, but family is more important. for instigating my desire to be the best at what I do. for helping me believe in my talents. for challenging me to be my sharpest and strongest. for showing me how best to sneak vodka into a concert.

my older brother
for teaching me that although some guys are players, when they meet the One, they can be amazingly sweet and caring. for teaching me that I can hit a baseball, and fix a car. that college can be the best time of your life, or merely one of the best. for showing me that true friends are the ones that stick by you when it's not popular to do so. that big brothers will stick up for you even when you are certain they will not. for letting me believe driving a turd-brown '77 VW Rabbit was cool.

my baby sister
for teaching me how to have fun and not be so serious sometimes. for teaching me that love may just be able to conquer all. for letting me believe I am a cool big sister. for helping me discover what true friendship means. for being my biggest ally even when she wasn't sure I was doing the right thing. for helping me understand that friendship is a mutual thing, the one-way street doesn't get you there. for teaching me how to not be fearful. for keeping me from doing too much damage when I believed in the wrong people. for letting me know when I was turning into my mother, and that it was ok. for being there for me when I really needed her. for being my partner in crime misadventure.

my grandma
for teaching me that strong women are amazing and beautiful. that stubbornness can sometimes be a burden. for showing me that family is the most important thing. for letting me believe I'm special at least in her eyes. for telling me the tales of her life. for showing me that my family will always be there for me. for teaching me that life is worth living even after you've lost the most important thing in it. for laughing with me when we got pulled over for speeding in the Arizona desert.

my aunt
for teaching me that women can be successful scientists and business women. for giving us an insight into our dad's childhood. for always having intelligent conversations with us, even though we were just kids. for being the cool aunt who still brings the fun toys.

my niece
for showing me that no matter how old you are the world is still full of wonder. for re-introducing me to the yumminess that is strawberry ice cream.

I blame my family for helping create the complex mostly (in)sane person that I am.

and I thank each and every one of them for it.


Yoda said...

Wow, RG...

You have a very cool family. If you gotta blame someone for something, that's the way to do it.

My sister and I are constantly grateful for the fact that we come from a functional family.

mmmMMMMmmmm. Lucky, we are. Yes.


mountaindog said...

Great post!

I stumbled upon your blog while checking Callie's out. What a great message. I think it is important that you give yourself credit for recognizing where you have drawn your strengths from.

You are lucky to have siblings that you get along with so well. I too am very lucky in that regard. My little sister has been my best friend and fiercest protector (just ask Callie!) over the years. My dad and his oldest brother don't speak to each other and haven't for many years. Yup - very lucky to have siblings as friends...


GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

RG - very cool. Sometimes no matter what, knowing your family will be there through thick and thin is such a fabulous feeling - and the best feeling on earth.

Noone can ever take that way from you!

Rebecca said...

I think it's great that you recognize where your great characteristics came from and that you appreciate them! I also think you're lucky to have had so many good influences in your life! Your family sounds wonderful and you are NOT insane! Complex maybe. Insane no way. :)

j2 said...

blame it on the rain.

sorry, had to.

what a wonderful post. you are very lucky to have such a wonderful support system and stong role models. being complex is a wonderful attribute. multi-dimensional is the best way to be!

Jen said...

Blame, credit, it is all good in this case. Your stories of your grandma remind me of my own, who is also 90 years old and amazing. I know what you mean about missing someone before they are gone.

Kelly said...

I don't remember how I found your blog but I've been reading it for a while now.

This post was very sweet. You are very lucky to have such wonderful people in your life. I think I have one of the MOST dysfunctional families out there. Luckily, I have a great network of friends who are like family to me.

ramblin' girl said...

not sure that we aren't dysfunctional at times, but at least I know we all love each other!

The World Against Me said...

this entry kicks ass..

When I read turd-brown '77 VW Rabbit, I laughed so laugh and could not stop.

An old friend of mine had a old VW Rabbit, year unknown. It used to be red but the paint has seen been faded to a funky BRIGHT orange. One day, we were all in her car, driving thru Golden Gate Bridge going to Santa Rosa and we realized, that it was the exact same color as the bridge! ^_^