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Thursday, June 23, 2005

week x

hmmm... interesting...

it's been a reminders-of-exes week, again.

work's been crazy, but a few things have kept me entertained. such as a text from 24, e-mails from E, the recent fwb*, and NowEx's friend.

despite the funk** (diminished but somewhat continuing), I realize I'm much happier without them all. I don't really miss any of them. (well, except maybe 24, that might be fun to start up again for a little while, she thinks mischievously.)

besides, I get to drink wine with the girls tonight***, and if that won't help the funk, not sure what would.

* friends with benefits
** yes, my friend is indeed engaged.
*** stories to follow.


Big B said...

Lucky U - out with the gurls - that's something to look forward to. I work at night, thus am prevented from any kind of 'fun' on a weekday. As with everything else, that gets rationalized right? And I tell myself, just think what all this clean living is gonna do for you :) (Ha, riight).

Jeremy said...

Take the Dog down to Salida or somewhere and get away for a day or so.
It usually helps me fix the funk.

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

You can always visit your crazy blogger friends in Mass. : )

Rainypete said...

Night out with the girls soudns like exactly what you need. Trust me on the I wish I was happily married with kids lament. While I don't regret them I find myself lacking in available time to go out and play. There are benefits on both sides of the single line and people on each side often look across the fence and wonder.

You aren't alone girl!