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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

getting dirty

tonight was incredible. it was even better than I remembered. and it had been way too long.

I hadn't physically been able to since the accident. I'd been talking about trying for a while, but the timing was never right. I was worried it might be painful or that I might have forgotten my technique.

I decided tonight was the night I'd give it a try again. hope there wasn't too much pain, and that I still knew what I was doing.

turns out it's a little like riding a bike. swing one leg on over, press a foot down, make sure it's centered and get to it.

that's what I've missed. the power of being able to make it respond with only my hands. the way it felt between my fingers. even between my toes. getting dirty.

I pressed and lifted and shaped it into whatever form I felt like. it was a slave to my desire.

he commented that I was grinning just letting it glide beneath my hands. I was. that feeling of it turning and turning and sliding by. I hadn't realized until that moment how important it had been to me before.

but now I realized.

and I discovered the pain was not too severe.

and I hadn't forgotten my technique.

comments were even made at how well things turned out given it was my first time back in so long.

it wasn't until I was finished that I considered what he might think. I was satisfied with the outcome. although he may want something more symmetrical.

part of the reason for getting back into it now was to display his masterpieces. part of the reason was purely for my satisfaction. well, if he's disappointed, then his suspected overly-perfectionistic tendencies are confirmed.

and either way, I'm not doing it for him, really.

(really, despite this "like in Ghost?" inquiry inspired telling of my first night back to pottery class.)

I'm doing it for me. and for A and her fiance. creating stands for their wedding cakes. which he just happens to be making. if he takes notice, that's merely an added bonus.

and if not, his loss. I'll keep throwing pottery anyway.

it was truly amazing to get back at the wheel, covered with clay, grinning from ear to ear, and getting really dirty.


Jerk of All Trades said...

Um.....did you mean for this to be HOT?
I have to go and take a cold shower now.

YES, I know I'm weird.

Jeremy said...

Very eloquent tease.

Sherri said...

That was funny......poor dumb guys :)

They get excited so easily, don't they?

The World Against Me said...

That's what I was thinking when I started reading it.. but it just didn't sound right along the way.. hehe

Is there ANYTHING you don't do.. wow...

Kathryn Jane said...

Found you via your comment on This Fish about kissing.

Clever entry.

Valerie said...

Dang girl, that's a great hobby. Good for you. You're like Wonder Woman. Like the world against me said, is there anyting you don't do?

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

That's just how I feel about my grandma tendencies w/ crochet! ;)

ramblin' girl said...

you guys make me laugh...

there are plenty of things I don't do, and many, many more I try to do but am not very good at.

Shananigans said...

Man, throwing pots is hotter than I thought. Makes me wanna sign up for a class...

Yoda said...


You had me when you knew what the blue line means.


Jen said...

I knew what you were talking about right away, but that is because you have talked about throwing pottery before;) I am glad you got back to it. I hope to see pics of your creations.