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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

another great outdoor venue

S and I went to listen to a little live music in the round. the stage is sunken in the middle of a grassy area with sloped sides. you can take in a picnic and a bottle of wine. it's an amazing, low-key place to see a concert.

before the show starts or in between acts, you can stroll among the flowers and trees and fountains. the flowers show off their amazing bursts of color throughout the grounds. the fountains soothe you as you pass by or relax nearby.

well, S works more than I do, so we were running a little late. the place was absolutely packed, so the only spot we found was to squeeze in behind a group of parents and their kids.

I love kids, I even like most parents. S, too. but this group was a little different. the kids were great, even mostly quiet. but some of the parents, well, they were a different story.

one of the women talked, loudly, throughout the show. it was a very quiet show.

one of the guys introduced himself as soon as we got back to our blanket. and was nice, later on, to share an extra blanket. but he made some comments that seemed a bit, well, disheartening.

he told us some story of how they all used to be hip, young and fun, but then they had kids and now their hip friends won't hang out with them anymore.

I'm not sure if he was trying to say he wished he were still single and hip, or that he misses his friends, or what. but S thought it sounded like he was saying he wishes he could be single again. and with some of the things he said to his wife and his kid, sadly, that may very well be the case.

I don't understand the type of person that is really nice to strangers, but not nice to their own family. I also don't understand people who lose touch with friends just because they have kids. that has happened with some of my acquaintances, but most of my good friends that are parents are still great friends (and great parents).

granted, we may not do the same things together, but a concert at the botanic gardens? I go all the time with my friends and their kids.

it really is a great place to bring kids, S and I enjoyed watching and playing with the little ones in front of us during the show. (I keep trying to get my brother and sister-in-law to bring my niece. she loves to dance, she'd love the music there. but it's tough to find a night everyone's free.)

S and I had a fun relaxing evening despite a few adults that acted more childish than their kids. the music was good, and the atmosphere is one of a kind.


28goingon40 said...

Sounds so great, except for scary dad man, I am so jealous. I wish I had a place like that to go last night.

Yoda said...


I've met people like that, who seem unhappy with the outcome of choices they've made in life. Often, these are people who would be unhappy with the result, no matter what choices they made. They seem to thrive on the unhappiness.

That guy strikes me as a future absentee dad. Eventually, he or his wife will get tired of being unhappy, and he'll get to be single again. He'll complain to everyone who listens that he never gets to see his kids any more, make vague hints that it was his wife's fault...and in practice, he'll avoid spending time with his kids whenever possible. He'll wait to the last minute and bag out of birthdays, recitals, awards ceremonies and graduations. Every time he breaks a promise, he'll ask his wife to explain it all to their kids, and the kids will quickly come to think that this is how men are supposed to act.

And he'll never know the joy of having this conversation with his teenage daughter:

She: "Dad, can I borrow your Kaiser Chiefs CD?"

Dad: "Yes, because I am the Coolest Dad In The World."

She: (with a smile that says she's not joking) "Yes, you are, Dad. Yes, you are. Thanks."


ramblin' girl said...

sounds like a conversation you've had recently... :-)

but the other guy's situation is sad for all involved.

Jerk of All Trades said...

The Botanical Gardens?!

Where's the "Earth shaking" stories you promised me?

I'm very disappointed RG, very disappointed. :(

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

All in all sounds like a better night than mine which was spent cleaning up after my roommate and cleaning the bathroom!

ramblin' girl said...

I didn't say I'd posted one, just said I keep them to my own space...

kt said...

ooh, i wanted to go to that show! but i had a stupid meeting instead. glad it was good!

Jerk of All Trades said...

You're a tricky one you!!

I swear your picture even has that "Ha ha I tricked you!" gleam in it's eye.

Fool me once....well, i guess you have only fooled me once.
Never again RG, never again!

I hope.