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Friday, June 03, 2005

unreasonable deadlines

my boss is currently not happy with me for what I imagine to be some combination of the following reasons:

1) Monday was a national holiday.

2) I had to be out of the office for jury duty this week.

3) the server at work ate an entire project directory, and although we have daily back-ups, the work I'd done over the weekend (yes, over the weekend) and Tuesday was lost due to this little problem.

4) I actually left the building for lunch today, and not just to run back and eat it at my desk while working.

5) one of our project managers can't manage, and since I'm the only other person that has a clue what's required in the technical portion of the project, I now have make sure this gets done, along with all of my other projects... by first thing Monday.

6) I only worked until 2am last night this morning, when, despite my highly over-caffeinated state, I fell asleep on my laptop.

7) because I was sleeping in my living room, with a keyboard for a pillow, I didn't set my alarm and I didn't get to work until 7am today.

8) we're days behind on where we need to be on this project (and I'm taking time to vent to my blog, so I don't bite someone's head off, although he doesn't know this.)

9) and It's Friday and I'm refusing to stay too late.

but I shouldn't complain... even if I do have to come in over the weekend, at least it is Friday, and I will get out of here at a decent hour!


LaLaLa said...

OH MY GOD!! Are you in construction???

Tanya Kristine said...

Being underappreciated sucks. Tell him to go shag himself, leave work EARLY, and pamper yourself. selling the paperclips you stole from his office.

Callie said...

Gee, this sounds strangely familiar! When I first started with my current company, we were a start-up and we worked our butts off, 24-7. Since we were bought out, I REFUSE TO WORK OVERTIME. The way I see it, the company owes me. So I keep my weekends and nights to myself, thank-you very much! I even leave early once in a while. It might limit my climbing of the corporate ladder, but this job is not the most important thing in my life.

I hate working in an office full of martyrs that think if they leave, that the company will fall down and die (vacation... never heard of it!) If they want to work those hours, let 'em.

But not this chick.

Jen said...

That is awful. Working that much bites. The worst I ever have to do once in a while is to come in to work at 3 AM. That is really hard. But I don't have to do any work at home. I hope you meet all your deadlines and don't go too crazy with all the work.

KOM said...

Everybody's working for the weekend...

ramblin' girl said...

I try not to get too overly immersed in work.. but sometimes the planets are all out of alignment, and I have to put in lots of extra hours. Hopefully next week will calm down a little.

And I definitely take full advantage of my vacation and comp time...

Aarwenn said...

You know something? The minute jen said she occasionally had to come into work at 3 am...I knew she was aerospace. She could have easily been many other professions--doctor, police officer, drug dealer, anyone on call--but I immediately assumed aerospace, and I was right!

go me. And RG, you sound incredibly important and on-top-of-things. I'm in awe.