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Thursday, June 09, 2005

hooky by the lake

I don't like to complain about work, but the last couple of weeks have been ridiculously busy. and, so, I decided I deserved little break, as did TheDog. I've neglected her far too much for work lately.

Lake Dillonwe took a little detour on our way back from Breckenridge yesterday. I was in search of a relaxing "lunch break" before getting back to Denver and back to work.

I was looking for an easy trail, not too far off of the highway, so I wouldn't feel guilty about skipping work the entire time we were on the trail. we stopped for a little pseudo-hike near Lake Dillon.

we set out from the trail head. the trail meandered through the trees to the Lake.

as soon as TheDog saw the water she took off running.

she was having a wonderful time, she ran slalom through the trees and bounded over the sand to the water. after a short while, she grabbed an enormous tree out of the water.

not a little stick, a large partial tree, about as tall as me.

she was very proud of her tree. she carried it around for a while running in and out of the water with it. but after she hit my knees with it a few times, I found her a more appropriate "dog-sized" stick.

Lake Dillon the lake was beautiful, it's nearly full, for the first time in years. (hopefully the wet weather will continue and this lake level will be the norm, not the sand flats of the last few years during the drought.)

a few sail boats glided by, and a few motor boats created waves on the shore as they sped past.

I enjoyed the peacefulness of an hour alone on the trail (particularly when I was supposed to be at work).

Lake Dillonthe weather was absolutely perfect.

the sky was that beautiful Colorado blue.

it was warm with an occasional cooling breeze.

I'm so happy to be able to hike again. I wasn't able to last summer.

I plan to make up for that this summer. may head up camping this weekend if it's not too wet and rainy.

if it is, I'm glad I played hooky for a while to enjoy the day.

Lake DillonTheDog and I had a relaxing mini-vacation for a few hours.

we both deserved it.


Fizzy said...

hello thanks for visiting, even if I was ranting on a bit :)
these pictures of yours are absolutely brill. What beautiful scenery. I am just a little jealous
have a good day and that goes to oyur dog too who looks absolutely lovely.

Rainypete said...

Hey if you're going to loaf you do it in style don't you!? Beautiful place to duck away from life for a little while. I've got a yellow lab and she's deranged for the water as well. Isn't is hilarious how they always find the largest piece of wood around?

Rebecca said...

Great pictures! Colorado is already on my list of places to see, but after these pictures it's moved up on the list! Good for you for getting away for a bit with TheDog. You deserve it (both of you!)

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

It looks so beautiful there. Can I come and visit? : )

ramblin' girl said...

ggg- of, course, anytime!

rainypete- my camery battery died before she found it, but I have a picture of her on a different hike with a differect tree, I'll have to scan that in sometime. and I it usually just happens that I relax in style... that's the beauty of living in Colorado!

Ms. Pan said...

Your pictures look great! And totally recognizable--that's a great walkaround there. That's awesome that you were up in my neck of the woods!

Lisa said...

hey ramblin'- since no one took a road trip to denver, we should have our own party. whaddya think? (i go hiking there, too! awesome pictures...!)

ramblin' girl said...

definitely! I'm sure ms.pan and kt would join us, unless of course ms. pan is still on the beach...
and I say we wait to find a sunny patio, days like today just make me want to curl up with a good book.

Brian Lavery said...

Thanks for the beautiful pictures and for taking your dog out there! I knew Denver was popular with the pro triathletes, but I didn't know it was so picturesque.

ramblin' girl said...

um, well, that's not quite Denver. Denver isn't bad, but those were all taken up in the mountains at a lake which is between Breckenridge, Frisco and Dillon. (about an hour or so drive from Denver)

Jerk of All Trades said...

Gosh Colorado looks beautiful, I wish I could just look out my window and see such beauty all around.

Waitaminute, I CAN!!

You guys are just jealous 'cuz our state is SO much prettier than your "Miss Congeniality" states.

Nyaah! :P~

Leah said...

Holy cow those are awesome pictures!! The weather here today SUCKS, it is totally grey with NO blue at all. Thanks for sharing your lovely day.

Shananigans said...

I took a two hour lunch with co-workers today including stops at the farmers' market and Starbucks, but your mini-vacation beats the pants off mine! And yes, LA is deep in the June Gloom today. Boooo! Beautiful pics, I wish I was there.

liz said...

Great post - great pics - great dog! We just got a lab puppy (she's 12 weeks) and she is AWESOME but a huge life change!

Nice to find your blog.

j2 said...

glad to see lake dillon not so low! beautiful pics. your doggie is just perfect!

Kerri said...

You're making me miss Colorado! I was in Durango for college and took many road trips around the area with my friends...even a few to Denver.

Lisa said...

i'm up for the sunny patio thing! and the more colorado people the better...i'm not a blogger, but, i am an e-stalker. sad i know. found yours through kristy's (ha- first name basis. look at that!) i'm always up for some good music, too....

Aarwenn said...

Your dog is SO adorable! After an overnight stay at the vet's office for IV fluids, Titan is getting better, slowly--he's eaten twice today and hasn't thrown up yet. I was confident enough about his condition to leave him along for a few hours whilst I blog and blog-stalk! WOO INTERNETS!

As soon as Titan is back to normal, I'm so taking him to the beach here on a sunny day and taking pictures--if only to rival the gorgeous time you had. My mini-vacation was much more like Shananigans--the Intern and I went for Pho and Starbucks frappucinos in the sunshine, and it was fab--but not as nice as deep lakes, and trees, and hikes.

Aarwenn said...

Oh, yeah, and I want to move in, too.

Kristi said...

Beautiful images and what a great dog you have! It;s wonderful to read about someone else enjoying the great outdoors here in Colorado. Keep up the fantastic blogging!