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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

all done

doc: let me know if this hurts.

now why in the world would sticking that 12 inch needle in my back, just to the right of my spine hurt?

nurse: (seeing the look on my face) it will only hurt for a few minutes, then it will all be over.

now what’s a few more minutes when it’s been a year and 5 days, but who’s counting…

and what’s a few more minutes when, for the last 45, the hot doc, the creepy janitor, and the rest of the hospital have continuously been walking by and looking in while my bare ass has been peeking out between the hospital gown and the sheet (which is now only covering my thighs) as I’m face down with only my feet and calves still actually inside the mri machine.

oh, that really hurts, the last time they did this it didn’t hurt as much and it was quicker, right?

doc: ok, you’re all done.

nurse: (helping me up) you should feel better in a day or so.

yes I will, and the pain will be completely gone this time. that’s what the doc hopes…

and that’s what I have to believe. enough pain and chaos.

I am all done. I'll feel better.

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S said...

Hope you're feeling better!