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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

wishful ticketing...

ok, I have a problem... it's a vice and an addiction, and the best way I can think to describe it is wishful ticketing.

what in the blog-world is wishful ticketing, you may ask?

well, it starts with the fact that I love to go listen to live music. all kinds of music.

I even went to a strange beach restaurant (I live in Colorado... there are no beaches, just wishful decorating) in some far away town to listen to some guy play his guitar and sing along last weekend. why? some friends are considering hiring him to play at their wedding, but my friend says to me, want to go check out some live music... my answer without inquiring further was SURE! now he was very talented and it was fun, but it goes to show my irrational enthusiasm for live music... but, I digress...

part of the problem is that for many of the shows that I want to go see I just assume that one of my friends will be dying to go to the concert with me... sometimes this is the case and other times it is not.

this problem is compounded by the fact that I also have various friends that initially say, yes, please get me a ticket to show X, then bail... and yes, they usually have good reasons, but sometimes they're a little lame.

so, it comes to a week or so before a show, and I have anywhere between one and six extra tickets, and I send out an e-mail to friends to see who wants to go. I usually get a few takers, and I have one friend that's almost always up for going to any show with me...

she asked me recently why I always have two tickets?

well, I say in a hushed tone, I got it in case.

in case of what?

in case I found the guy.

what guy?

the guy that enjoys going to see live music as much as I do and would be incredibly crushed if he couldn't join me at this particular show.

you see, it's wishful ticketing...

and yes, some day I may meet that guy, unfortunately for now, the guys I've been dating have different musical tastes than I do, which leaves me with an extra... anyone want to go to a show?


Anonymous said...

shit...i stumbled on your blog and the first entry i read was about how you buy an extra ticket "just in case find the guy who loves live music" as much as you. I DO THE SAME THING!!

if only i'd find him...good luck!

kt said...

I do the SAME THING too. except not for a guy, just for friends. unfortunately, i'm dating the ONE british guy who is not into music. go figure. although i did make him go see radiohead with me (both times), but i think it's because he felt bad about the obscene amount of money i spent on his ticket.

i have tickets to keane tomorrow night and my friend better not bail on me!

j2 said...

i'll go! i love live music. but i love in georgia, so i guess that won't work. i have never even thought about wishful ticketing a guy, good thinking! and good luck. all the good CO guys are taken it seems. (i lived out there once upon a time)

ramblin' girl said...

kt, did you have fun at keane? thought that would be an awesome show. j2, I have to believe that there are still good guys out here... just haven't found one with my need to see live music!

Yoda said...

RG (Argie?),

You have way more courage than I do. I've thought of this, of course, but imagined myself going to a concert alone.

Which actually isn't such a bad thing...I went to a Dan Fogelberg concert by myself (on the waterfront in Seattle in August, if that in any way reduces the amount of gayness that exists in the statement "I went to a Dan Fogelberg concert by myself"), and sat next to a very cute woman whose husband was So Totally Not Into It And Probably Only There Because She Threatened Him With Not Getting Any If He Didn't. He stared into space and sneak-ogled women walking by. She and I sang along with every song and had a fantastic time.

Hi, my name is Kurt and I...I am a Fogelberg fan.

(Hi, Kurt!!!)