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Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

it was a good weekend, with subtle reminders here and there as to why we didn't have to work today.

I hosted the requisite BBQ. good friends, including my past-her-due-date pregnant friend, came over to enjoy the only nice day of the weekend. the food was great. I can say that since most of it was brought by others, even had some tasty jello shots. it was a small crowd, as many of my friends head to the mountains every MDW to camp... last year when I was in the mountains, it snowed. I don't think this year was much warmer, but at least camping season is on.

while sitting around the back yard, we even observed a moment of silence and poured a drink to "whomever we're supposed to remember on Memorial Day." during the discussion, I was a little astonished at how many of very intelligent friends did not know what Memorial Day was about...


apparently Grease is still the word.... my mom, sis and I had the pleasure of seeing Frankie Avalon sing his famous teen angel song, complete with an encore performance after the musical of a few of his other songs. my mom was giddy with excitement. and I must say, Frankie's aged well, and still sounds good.

after the show we enjoyed some incredibly tasty modern mexican food for dinner, and as we lingered over coffee (annoying our waitress), we chatted about my grandparents and other things that reminded us of Memorial Day.


today I joined my friend J at a local street festival, where she talked me into buying a beautiful jade necklace in between dodging the rain showers. we also ran into my still-past-her-due-date pregnant friend and her husband there. she must be so ready to have that kid!

so, as we were leaving the festival, the band at center stage was playing a heartfelt rendition of God Bless America. we stopped to listen, since I'm a saxophone fanatic, and the sax player was truly amazing. the lack of applause after they finished the patriotic song saddened me.


all of this got me thinking about a few things... Memorial Day is to remember those that died in service to our country. some think it's only those that have fallen in wars. my grandma has always interpreted it a little more broadly. she believes it is in remembrance of those who have died because of their service to our country. my grandfather had flat feet, being as they did not allow flat-footed men to join the army, he went to work in the shipyards in California during World War II. this is how he worked in service of his country, to help build the ships that would deliver those that served to the war. his years in the shipyard may have contributed to the cancer that ultimately took his life. this is why my grandmother believes all people who have died because of defending our freedom should be honored and remembered on this Memorial Day.

I tend to agree with my grandmother. and even maybe go a little further, perhaps we should remember all those who have served our country and have now passed away. that's what I choose to do this Memorial Day.

remember all those who have helped to defend our freedom to celebrate, remember, BBQ, camp, head to the beach, and all other activities we are free to do this Memorial Day.

I know some political viewpoints differ greatly from mine, but I believe we can all join in honoring the men and women who serve our country to defend our freedom.

the news tonight showed one lone Memorial Day parade-goer holding a sign that said:

Thank You!


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