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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Colorado quarter

the design for the 38th quarter has been decided.

it's a generic mountain scene...

oh, so, Colorado doesn't have any beautiful real mountain scenes to depict on our state's quarter?

they had narrowed it down to 5 choices, and there where a few real scenes in the running, the Maroon Bells and Pikes Peak... in my opinion both incredibly beautiful and widely recognizable Colorado mountain scenes.

oh, well... the gov did not ask my opinion. (and afterall, it's the same gov that neglected to ask my opinion when he made the green Colorado license plates extinct.)

I suppose it's not that bad.


Callie said...

Hi, just stumbled across your blog... I'm also a female enginerd up in BC with a dog named Bella, who thinks it's ALWAYS all about her. Especially at 5am when she needs to go outside.

Jen said...

They didn't let you vote on your state quarter? Here in Florida we got to vote online to chooose ours, though I don't think yours are that bad. I didn't know they got rid of the green license plates- those were so cool and unique.

j2 said...

we voted on our state flag but not the quater.

i can't believe they wiped out the green CO tags for good! did they really?

ramblin' girl said...

yeah, the quarter is not that bad, but some of the other "finalists" I thought were better. I just don't think our current governor has a very creative eye, and he keeps making all of these creative decisions.

yep, the new (several years ago, now) regular license plate is a reverse (sort of) of the old one. the mountains are now white, and the sky green, with a license plate frame, the green is completely lost and they look very boring.

Ms. Pan said...

Ummm yeah. I was at least voting for the 10th Mt. Division quarter. Show a little creativity, eh?

And I just got Colorado plates this past fall--I never even knew the old ones! *sniff, sniff*

Rainypete said...

It's not a hideous looking coin, but I still can't believe, with all that wonderful scenery, that they's just bodge together a fake mountain to represent the state.

Make for nice tourist literature
"Come to scenic Colorado where you can see mountains that look liek this one!"

Shananigans said...

It ain't bad looking. Try being from a state that insists on identifying itself only through dairy products and dairy cows. Oh, and beer, but that didn’t make it onto the state quarter. I think a beer mug would be a nice replacement for that ear of corn that made it onto the WI coin. Doesn’t Vermont still have green plates? They are the green mountain state.

Yoda said...

Consider yourself lucky to have ever had a reasonably unique-looking license plate. IN CA, ours are white. Just white. They used to be blue. (Just blue.)

Unless, of course, you want to pay $35 a year for set of plates that are white with a colorful decal on them.

I will say that the mountain on your quarter sorta looks like one of the Grand Tetons. Wonder what they'll put on the Wyoming quarter.