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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

new wheels

it's been more than a month since I got my new ride. only a few miles on it so far. incredibly beautiful. cobalt blue. very fast. I've been waiting for it for so long. but I still feel like I'm waiting... waiting to take it out on the road and see what it's really made of.

between the ridiculously wet weather, the incredibly long hours at work, my annoying cold/bronchitis, and random little complications attributable to life in general, I've only been able to take it out twice.

right now, as I'm trying to finish up some work before tomorrow morning, as I have to e-mail it off before jury duty, (read: while I'm writing this to procrastinate), it stares at me, just willing me to take it for a little spin...

and TheDog... she's just staring at me with those big pouty eyes, begging to go, too...

ok, enough already, I can't stand it...

we go for a quick spin around the neighborhood, and I realize TheDog didn't so much want to go for a ride, as a walk. so we swing back in a loop, I drop TheDog (tongue hanging out the side of her mouth) off, and head back out for a short ride.

I love the feel of the wind on my face, the smell of the rain on the horizon... then the gentle sprinkling on my nose... but the lungs aren't quite back yet (damn bronchitis), breathing still hurts... and the back still doesn't feel quite right... guess that's my cue to get back home to finish up my work.

but even then, it sits there and mocks me... if I were less of a wimp I would be out riding through the pain. I wouldn't let anything keep me from the pure exhilaration of riding my sleek new toy.

so there it is, still gleaming with newness, almost daring me to get it a little dirty, and I will soon. it may have to wait until this weekend, but I am determined to actually use it for it's intended purpose (and not it's current purpose of holding up the wall)!

a few mishaps* over the past few years kept me from buying one. what's the fun in getting a new ride, if you can't fully appreciate it?

then BikeBoy* came into the picture and made an offer that was too good to refuse... and so, yes, I finally got a new road bike!

I have been wanting one ever since I started training for my first triathlon 3 years ago. Mishaps have kept me from doing another one, but (fingers crossed) I'll complete my second one in July... and I can't wait to race on my sleek new bike!

* I'm sure I'll be back to tell these stories another day...


GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

Here I was thinking it was a new car until I got to the end. : )

ramblin' girl said...

getting my bike (finally) was so much more exciting to me than a car!

Shananigans said...

I haven't owned a bike in years, but I must get one for this summer so I can cruise the beach! Hope you feel better soon so you can go tear it up with your new ride. Triathlon training? You are so bad ass.

Brian Lavery said...

I'm a friend of Callie's (her swim coach actually).
What kind of bike did you get?
You certainly are in triathlon country down there; that's where a lot of the pros hang out.

Have fun on your new bike.
Brian Lavery
Bike Director
Pacific Spirit Triathlon Club

Ms. Pan said...

I have a month or so off of work, so I'm going to the beach, but when I get back, we should go riding some time. That is, if you wouldn't mind someone huffing and puffing next to you! (I'm still really out of shape!)