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Friday, May 06, 2005

to blog or not to blog... that the question? well, perhaps.

when people mentioned blogs, I used to think writing random stories to imaginary friends was a little crazy... then I got to thinking a little more about it... what about my e-mails to friends that live thousands of miles away, how is that different, except that I know they will appreciate my sense of humor and (at least pretend to) support and encourage me in my mishaps and illogical adventures.

the one problem with that logic is that they are my friends and they do support me and I probably slant my stories because I know how they might react, so what better place for my random musings than a blog? really who reads these except people who are bored at work and looking for ways to procrastinate [like me]?

maybe since there are people like me that occasionally read these, there are people like me that will appreciate the random stories I have to tell, maybe even enjoy them?

maybe there are people that can help make sense of the randomness, or just laugh at it with me?

so if you care to comment, please do, I love to read what other people have to say about the random things that make up this thing we call life!

random rambling:
why is it that the stupid little things remind us of the big things in our pasts?


kt said...

found your blog from a comment at "she just walks around with it". just wanted to say hello because i'm also in denver and just started a blog.
so hi blogger neighbor!

jenn marsala said...

You've shown that you are a true mayo-hater! Because of your devotion to the cause, I'd be more than happy to induct you as the vice president of the mayo-nays. We're small now, but are growing in numbers!
From one new blogger to another...isn't blogging fun?!