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Friday, November 02, 2007

under the bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Red paint on a plain structure. Man-made against the beautiful natural surroundings. The icon of my visits.

The first visit was incredible. As a stop on a roadtrip with one of my best friends from college. Sleeping on the floor of a house shared by many. Drinking in the scenery. My first picture under the bridge.

The middle to visit my brother. With the rest of my family. Made obvious that family trips were getting to be difficult.

The last was memorable, to visit a friend. He was out of town most of the time. But my personal (cute) tour guide, made up for being ditched. Plus more free time to visit other friends from high school and grad school. A painful knee under the bridge.

Looking forward to a return visit. Soon.

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Jeremy said...

It is amazing the things that someone can take for granted.

While I was studying Chinese at DLI in Monterey, I used to go up to San Fran almost every weekend...

It became common almost - until I realized people were coming from all over the world just to see it - drive across it - or even better, pedal.