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Thursday, November 22, 2007

count on it

Sitting around the table, clinking glasses. Thankful for each and every person there.

We're family. We have our disagreements. But when it matters we can all count on each other. No matter what.

When my brother asked why the new boy was not there, I told him the truth. The boy wanted a "me" day, as he called it.

I didn't admit it made me question if that would always be the case. Whether if things did somehow work out, if he would send me off to my family while he hung out at home alone.

I'm not ready to question it openly to my family. The minute I do, they'll insist he's not good enough for me. They always believe in me.

But for right now I want them to believe in him. I want to believe in him.


Jeremy said...

The Buffs are on fire today!

Glitter said...

Just go with the flow on this one, maybe it's too soon to bring him to meet the family. Maybe Thanksgiving is a tough time for him so it's easier to be alone.

You are right, only time will tell.