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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

no room for negotiation

Some think I'm crazy. Treating her like she's my baby. But she is.

Today, I called my sister to talk about various things. Accident related things. Her doc appointment. Mine. But mostly I called to talk to my baby.

Yes, I know she can't talk on the phone. But even though she can't hear very well, she perks up when she hears a familiar voice on the phone.

So, I called to say hello. That I missed her, that I'd see her Friday. My sister said she smiled and kissed the phone.

If you don't think a dog can smile, you don't know mine. She has a smile. And a pout. And a look that says get this puppy away from me.

So, alright, I might be a little bit crazy.

But since she's my baby, there will be only one choice if the allergic-to-dogs boy continues to be a part of my life. And he's the one that suggested he could get allergy shots. He thinks TheDog is pretty amazing, too.


Jeremy said...

This post just made this dog smile too...

Thanks RG.

SDW said...

Yeah, Laurel, you've got one special bond with that dog of yours.

it's easy to see why she loves you so much.