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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

missing something

Home is a place. Home is a feeling. Home is the people who love you.

There are reminders of home. A mountain. A river. Even a smell or a sound.

For me home is a mountain in the distance. Sitting on a patio in the sun. Seeing colored leaves in the fall. Family. Friends. And of course TheDog.

I've been gone too long. It's different when you're busy. It's different when you're on vacation. But when it's work or something like it that keeps you away, it's hard.

I couldn't be one of those consultants that travels often, or works somewhere for months at a time. This I know. But I thought I'd like the me time a conference might afford.

What I realized today after the boy said I didn't sound very happy was that there are things I can't do without for too long. I need sunlight. A view of a mountain. Drinking a cup of coffee on a patio. Talking with a friend.

I took a short break today. Grabbed coffee. Sat on a patio. Although I wasn't home and was catching up on work, it was perfect.

Just what I needed to recharge. I returned refreshed. But I am still ready to go home.


Glitter said...

We all need downtime...and it's just as simple as a cup of coffee and you feel instantly better.

Jeremy said...

I am getting ready to go to Japan and it is exhausting... I hope I get a day to relax while I am there - eat some sushi, slurp some ramen - enjoy a temple or two.

We shall see.