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Sunday, November 11, 2007

goodbye, again

It's sad to say goodbye. It's wonderful to have a group of great friends and know there will be occasions to get together.

Those occassions are becoming fewer and farther between. Mostly the weddings have died down. And going to visit eveyone takes more miles and vacation time than I have.

But we hatched a plan just before my college roommate dropped me at the airport. Girls' weekends. We've thought about them before, but they don't often come to fruition.

We're going to start planning now. Hopefully we can make it happen.

We're all busy, getting everyone together will be difficult. But after this amazing weekend spent with my best friends, I can't imagine waiting for the next wedding to see everyone. So, I'll do my best to get us all together again.


Shananigans said...

Not enough is said about the awesomeness that is good times spent with good friends. This past year and the year ahead are just chock-full of weddings (including my own) so it is nice to have all these gatherings to see people. Good luck with your planning.

Jeremy said...

My wife and her friends like to go to Cabo for their "girl's weekends"...

Oh to be a fly on those cabana walls.

Trish Ryan said...

I love the idea of girls' weekends--but I've never been able to pull them off. I guess the key is that you need an organizer person who will rally the troops, follow up on suggestions, and generally make sure the whole thing happens. It sounds like you might be that person for your friends, in which case they will so appreciate you!!! (Even more than they do now :) )