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Friday, November 09, 2007


I have a strange sense of calm. I'm not a scared flyer, but I worry. Not about the flight. But rather about what I've forgotten.

Today I was awoken early, finished packing on time with everything for the wedding and festivities and the conference. I hope.

Then I had my own special chauffeur to the airport.

We decided there wasn't time to stop for coffee. There probably wasn't but I sped through check-in and security, and got coffee here. And now have time to think.

About the trip. About other things.

Last night he brought wine over, from his trip. And we just sat and relaxed on the couch. Talking a little. Laughing a lot. It was perfect. Despite the earlier concern on his part, on mine.

Things seem to be going alright. Crossing fingers that I didn't just jinx it.


Jeremy said...

I will keep mine crossed as well.

Have a safe trip!

VJ said...

Always good to hear. Have fun on the trip, send back pics of Happy People! Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

A Life Uncommon said...

I don't think writing about it, him, whatever, can jinx it. If so, I really need to shut my trap on my blog because I sometimes talk too much about certain someones!