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Saturday, November 10, 2007

home away

I spent the majority of yesterday and today with great friends. The friends that know me. Well. Who were right along beside me as I became me.

The weekend is centered around the wedding festivities of one. But it's a bit of a reunion for us all.

The wedding is tomorrow. Other festivities were last night and today. All with good friends, and many laughs and memories.

We helped the luncheon hostess last night and today preparing for, serving and cleaning up after. Even working hard is fun when it's with good friends.

My sides hurt a little. We've laughed more than I remember laughing in a long time. At old stories. At pictures. At our younger selves.

In the car, running errands, we talked about real friendship. About how even though we sometimes go too long without getting together, it doesn't matter. True friendship is always there.

I feel most like myself when I'm with them. We've travelled together, lived together, laughed together, cried together.

These girls are my home. My compass. They're part of me even when we're far apart.

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