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Thursday, January 12, 2006

there is such a thing as too nice

lately I've been accused of being too nice. of appearing to have it together. well, neither is true.

I definitely do not have it together. (more to come on that soon.) and I definitely am not always so nice.

but, I know that on occassion I am too nice. to the wrong people. and they take advantage of it.

and then I get fed up. and I have to vent. so, here it is.

whatever happened to being courteous? if you tell someone you want to do something with them. if an actual ticket is required to attend said thing. if you tell that person you will let them know whether or not you will be able to attend said event. is it that difficult to send a quick e-mail. make a quick phone call. let them know what you've decided? so the other people interested in said ticket could be forewarned that it is available. in time for them to actually be able to go.

well, apparently it is.

now my question is, how do you call said person on their discourteousness, when they're supposed to be your friend? but apparently have no clue that they were discourteous.


Elizabeth said...

The age old question for the "nice girl". A not nice girl would just come right out and complain. A guy probably would, too. But for us that were raised to not show anger, to be sugar and spice and everything nice, it's more difficult.

Time to get out the spicy part. Tell her/him, gently, what you didn't like.

The worst that could happen is that they will think you are a bitch.

And is that really so bad?

Jerk of All Trades said...

It seems these days that people are afraid that they might inluslt you or hurt your feelings if they tell you "I don't want to go".
So, instead, they ignore you and act like they "forgot", therefore they can avoid blame, and not really have to take responsibility.

Being "decent" these days is seen as being a "bad person". It's better to pretend it never happend. Besides' you'll forgive them, everybody does it right?

No, and that's why Jerk doesn't have many friends. Jerk doesn't play those "games". IF I didn't want to hang out with you that night, for WHATEVER reason, I"d tell you. "I dont really feel like going out RG, but maybe next time." or "Can I get a raincheck?" Shit, anything but blow you off, and if I DID forget, I'd appologize and make it up to you.

No, i'm not perfect, I just go by The Golden Rule.
When I'm not being a jerk that is.

Jeremy said...

I tend to be sarcastic, but at the same time convey it with enough "oomph" that they know I am pissed.

"Well see if I ever invite you to a concert again. I ended up sitting next to the burrito vendor that waits outside the bars until 2:00AM because he was the only one I could find to use the damn thing and I wasn't going to waste $50 again."

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

I have that problem too...Sigh.