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Friday, January 06, 2006

celebration of single

I hop a flight in a few short hours to celebrate singleness with a friend that is leaving that status soon. I had a rough day at work, and still had more to get done tonight, but since I'm technically on vacation right now, I went out with kt* tonight and had a very entertaining evening.

we went to see a friend's band play at a small local bar. we were hanging out, talking with our friend, having a great time. when in walks my friend, the one who kissed me about a month ago. he wasn't alone. he appeared to be with a date.

alright. I'd already thought I should be taking the hint, even if I wanted to believe he really was just busy. but now it was rather apparent to me that he had no interest in me anymore, if he ever did.

we briefly talked to him, then no sooner did he take his leave to sit with his maybe-date than I turn around to see Mr. Impatient and another of his friends standing right beside us.

ah, yes, of course. life, fate, small-world whatever has decided to play comedian tonight. we talk a bit. and throughout the evening, both Mr. Impatient and my once-kissed friend stop by on occasion.

I laughed. both inwardly and outwardly. that new leaf? well, I've decided it sure makes things interesting. as I left the bar, I had one number in my pocket and another slight possibility of a taker for an extra concert ticket.

then, as I got into my car, my cell beeped with a new message. it was New Year's guy. he wants to hang out again, soon.

apparently the celebration of single may have started a little early, and who knows, the way things are going, it could turn into an ongoing celebration. and if it does, well, you won't hear me complaining.

* kt, yeah, after I finished my work, I couldn't sleep and decided to write a little. thanks for instigating, yet again!


Wordnerd said...

Aaaah, the possibilities...;)

kt said...

ooh, who's number did you get?? i think you played it very cool with everyone. it was pretty funny! i won't even tell you what i ended up doing after you left.. but i'm sure you can guess.

Jen said...

See, you are quite a catch. Everyone wants you! Have fun with that.

Rebecca said...

Good for you! See, when you feel good and happy about yourself, it's contagious...!!

Brian Lavery said...

kt is the instigator, eh?
Maybe she's just the catalyst you needed. ha ha

Ari said...

I tagged you - hope you have fun with it!