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Monday, January 16, 2006

gone to the dogs

I woke up Saturday morning to a beautiful day. the sun was shining and TheDog was (impatiently) waiting. she knows on the nice days, if there's time, we take a walk for coffee and dog treats.

although there were a million other things I should have been doing, I grabbed my book and the leash and we headed out the door. as we enjoyed the sun and our respective treats (hers bone-shaped and mine with a bit of caffeine), other dogs brought their people to our favorite urban patio.

the dogs allowed their people to meet. very nice people. the women at the next table commented that you can't trust anyone that doesn't like dogs. I would have to agree. (at least for the most part.) and I'm certain TheDog agrees.

I used to use TheDog's affection for guys as a measure. if they liked her, and she liked them, then they had to be decent guys. for the most part she is a great judge of character. she never really liked NowEx. and she loved my ex that was the best boyfriend I ever had.

but after the weirdness of the second show of my weekend, I'm starting to wonder if sometimes she's not as discerning. she loves my friend. the one that I thought there might be a chance of something more with when he kissed me. but despite sweet words, his actions have not been as sweet. yet, despite those, I don't want to believe that TheDog (I) was wrong about him being a good guy.

and even if there is not a chance for anything more. I'm not willing to give up on our friendship. not yet. but, how do I tell him this, if every time I see him things are strained?


Wordnerd said...

Dogs are never wrong.

Callie said...

It's true, dogs are never wrong! But of course, maybe dogs don't know the difference between great friends and great BOYfriends, it's hard to say.

If you are ever interested in someone, you definitely need doggy approval though. If someone wants to be in your life, then they have to want to be with your dog too - ready to pick up pooh right along beside you!

Amy said...

Thought for the day:
Never trust a man who doesn't like your dog.