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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

belated presents

so I got myself three Christmas presents. with all the extra hours I put in before the holidays, I decided I needed one and deserved the others.

the needed one is to help keep my mountain goat descending as easily as she ascends. and my deserved ones will give me more flexility. one because 24 is starting back up. (not the guy, the show.) and the other is to let me be more creative with one of my artistic passions.

yes, I finally ordered TheDog stair treads and myself a DVR and new digital camera.

TheDog was not descending the slippery hardwood stairs as easily as she once could. now she can run up and down them with ease.

then, I was getting tired of missing my two favorite shows, yet home at times when nothing's worth watching. now I won't miss the favorites, and will have something to watch even on a boring Friday night in.

however, I'm most excited about the camera. my film lenses will fit it. and I can use all the tricks I learned long ago on my old film camera, but now add the digital tricks I've acquired with my little point and shoot and Photoshop.

and so, instead of taking down my decorations, writing anything interesting or responding to tags, I've been carpeting, connecting, assembling and tinkering. I'm sure you'll all get sick of the new pictures soon. well, as soon as I get a new card reader.


Callie said...

Fun! Looking forward to the pics!

We just got a DVD cam for Christmas from the in-laws and used it a lot on our last trip to get ready for the baby cam. We've become the annoying tourists that we once hated! But it will be nice to send snippets out to grandparents and friends that don't live close by.

Robb said...

I'll be loking forward to the pictures!

I love 24 too! I don't watch it until it comes out on DVD though. Then you can watch episode after episode on the weekends and not have to wait a week to find out what happens. It will be hard to resist the temptation, but I have become used to watching it that way.

Jeremy said...

When you said "the needed one is to help keep my mountain goat descending as easily as she ascends" I thought you were talking about new shocks or forks for a mountain bike.

Nice Yakima by the way. :-)

Jen said...

That is sweet that you got the treads for TheDog. I have to carry my poor Ollie up and down the stairs now, but at least he is small and not too heavy. TheDog would probably be impossible for you to manage that way.

The DVR will change the way you watch TV. You'll never be able to go back now that you've got one.

New cameras are great, and with your talent, I can't wait to see some photos.