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Friday, January 13, 2006

nice returns

ok. so I went off last night. it's my blog I can say what I want. and I did. and I felt better then. and now said friend has contacted me. and apologized for not doing so sooner. and now I feel badly about it.

see, this is why I'm too nice sometimes. it has nothing to do with how others perceive me. it's all about how I see myself. and I don't like me when I'm not nice. I'd so much rather be nice too often than not often enough.

and as such, although I'm not going to completely revert to my old (we're talking 15-years-ago old) pushover self, I am going to keep in mind how I will feel if I act not nicely.

and since it's nearly the weekend. and since I will have no time to dwell anyway, with two great shows, a playoff game, and one dinner with friends, one with family to go to. I'm not going to worry about it anymore.


Jeremy said...

And go Broncos!


Kerri said...

Go Pat!!!! Kick some Bronco ass :o)

Big B said...

you're goin to the gAME! lucky :)

Rebecca said...

Have a great time at the game! But honestly - this Boston girl hopes you guys LOSE.... ;)

Go Patriots! :)