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Sunday, January 22, 2006

I have news

alright, so I don't have news, but that was said many times last week. over wine and incredible food, news was shared. various flavors of news. some incredibly good. some incredibly sad. and some a bit of both.

S had incredible news about her health. she's been dealing with things brought on by a car accident that wasn't her fault. the doc gave her the good news earlier in the week.

she made me tear up when she told us. and the tears started to fall when she thanked me for my help over the past few years. I live closest to her. and she's had to rely on others for things for a while. and I am so extremely happy that she doesn't have to do that anymore. that she has her freedom back.

J had news as well. only she didn't want to talk about it really. she just quietly let us know that she was no longer dating her boyfriend. she was too upset to go into further detail. and although someday soon, she'll need us to listen to the story, for the night she just needed to forget.

and so, to change the subject, B let us know that she and her family were likely moving. not closer to downtown and the rest of us, as they'd talked about last year. but to the east coast.

I teared up again. I've known B and lived in the same city with her for over fifteen years. I'm going to miss her terribly. but I'm so happy for her husband's work opportunity, for her to experience new things. the same way I (and I'm sure most of the other girls) feel about both E and R's upcoming moves.

so we promised to take girls' night on the road. to see our soon-to-be far away friends. both B and R lamented how hard it will be for them to find a great group of friends in their new cities as we have here now. we joked that those of us left behind would have to find new friends, as well, since everyone's leaving.

on my way home I realized things were changing. just when I say to myself that I love my life, I have amazing friends, my job is going well, almost everything is great, something has to come along and shake things up. remind me.

remind me that I can't rely on anything outside of myself for my happiness. although they shape who I am, things change. friends (even great ones) come and go. guys. jobs. health issues, too. at the end of the day, my happiness is up to me.


Yoda said...


You are very wise, indeed.


Jeremy said...

Were you feeling guilty about beer:30?

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

Yep - that always happens when you least expect it. Is your friend by any chance moving to Boston? If she is, give her my info. I'll take good care of her!

Wordnerd said...

I always refer to that kind of stuff as getting "hit with a big dose of grownup" -- and it's never fun. But look at the bright side -- new road trips! Stay happy!

Robb said...

You can always move out here to the East Coast too. We're not bad people!

Rebecca said...

Good for you! You've found the key to true lies within. :)