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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

a great Dame

I sense a theme lately. it's purely unintentional. but I must say, tonight's guy in dame's clothing was much classier than our breakfast servers on Saturday. (except for perhaps the peacock green eyeshadow.)

I went to see Dame Edna; Back with a Vengeance tonight with my mom and sister.

it was absolutely hilarious! we'd seen her his her the last time she was in town and laughed for days afterward. my mom was even a proud waver of a gladiola at the end of the last show.

so this time, when our first round of tickets had to be changed because my friend's wedding was scheduled for the same day. and changed again when some football game got scheduled for the same time. we didn't mind the hassle. (although in hindsight, perhaps we should have been laughing with the Dame instead of watching the game.)

so, Possums, if you have never seen her, I highly recommend finding a show to see in your area. it's smart, self-deprecating humor. the crowd gets teased a bit. and the whole show conversation is fantastic. if you can, try to sit in the first few rows. you won't regret it.


Brian Lavery said...

RG you do have good taste in comedy. Dame Edna is one of my favourite comedians. I've seen her many times. If you sit in the balcony you are referred to as "Les Miserables". Wave those gladiolas. ha ha

clew said...

I've always wanted to see the Dame! Now more than ever. Thanks for the review!

JODSTER said...

Always wondered what a live show would be like. thanks for the recommendation.