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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

it spans time and distance

I started describing the events of the wedding weekend. it was boring, and didn't capture the weekend at all. so instead I'm going to throw out a few random little details, the stuff that makes up the rest.

packing twice the number of people around what felt like the kid's table at Christmas at the rehearsal dinner, we caught up. the close-sitting reminding us of trying to fit everyone around the tables in Coates. five of my closest friends from college and I. their husbands and boyfriends. one of whom I've known longer than any of the girls. we met in grade school. and he and I have remained good friends ever since. to hear me tell it, I'm partially to blame for his wonderful marriage to another dear friend.

seeing people I've met only once before, when visiting Austin, I was reminded that great people tend to have great friends. and since both the bride and groom are amazing, the wedding guests were pretty amazing, too. some of the non-college friends I've known for a few years, some I just met the night before. all now seem like dear old friends. all because of our truly wonderful mutual friends that have included us in their circle.

when close friends get together, regarless of how long it's been, regardless of the distance between them, the friendship remains. the lively banter at the girls' brunch to keep the bride company on her big day reminded me of happy hours, and hungover breakfast excursions over a decade ago. we've all changed. grown. some have husbands. some little rugrats running around their houses. some are enjoying the single life. but the friendship is still there. binding us together. regardless of what has happened since we were last together.

the rafters of the converted barn decorated with twinkle lights. the beautiful heartfelt ceremony, where the bride looked beautiful and extremely happy, where the groom looked so emotional, in a good way. the drinking and dancing afterward. the celebration of two wonderful people starting their life together. seeing old friends. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

too much early morning drinking in the hospitality suite after the reception. dragging ourselves out of bed, packing up and meeting for breakfast. one last gathering before we scattered across the country again. I know I'll see them all again soon. the longest it had been since I'd seen one of the girls was last year.

but some hadn't seen each other since school. and so much is happening. for everyone. we wondered when we would all get together again. we promised to start having reunions every few years, since the weddings are getting more and more infrequent. after the next one in April, there are only a few of us left. and none of us anywhere near close to inviting all the girls in for such a celebration.

but as I've said, it doesn't really matter. it could be next year or a decade from now, and our friendship will be there. perhaps different in some ways. but just as strong. exactly why I can be certain our friendship is true.


Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. Funny, I'm a little older than you, but I still have a bunch of friends getting married. They are all getting married for the second time, though, and none of them are having weddings! They are going to Vegas, or the Virgin Islands, or a cruise, and not making it a reunion of old friends. I miss that.

Of course, the one wedding I went to this year, was for a friend who was getting married for the first time at age 44. lol.

JODSTER said...

thanks for sharing. Made me remember many happy memories from my own wedding day, and the friends around me at that time.