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Monday, January 23, 2006

back in school

I really felt like I was back in college again this weekend, at the very least grad school.

it started with watching sappy chick flicks with friends Friday night, as that's what my newly single friend wanted to do. the three of us all went to college together, although I don't think we ever watched movies together. sitting there laughing (and crying) over silly storylines reminded me of our days in the dorms.

college, when friends were always close. just down the hall or across the apartment complex. there if you needed someone to listen or needed someone to not ask you questions and just drink a few shots and play some pool.

the feeling extended into Saturday. when my fabulous short-term roommate got picked up to hit the slopes. I declined their invitation to head up the hill with them since I thought I had too much to do. no sooner had they left, then they returned. the traffic was ridiculous, they were going to breakfast instead.

for that I decided I could join them. we went to an entertaining little place for breakfast. entertaining in that the waitresses are guys. yes. waitresses. the drag dressing was fantastic, they act the part and the food was great.

eventually we wandered downtown to watch a movie, grabbed some beer and played indoor nerf football. wasting my day away, probably more so than if I'd hit the slopes. oh, well. it was fun, and it reminded me of hanging out with my guy friends in college.

then it was off to a birthday shindig for my other little sister. our families have been friends for forever, and she is my sister's best friend. she had family and close friends over to celebrate her day. we told stories of childhood, of high school. her dad asked me how many guys were courting me. I laughed. only her dad could get away with using that term. and the last time he asked me that, I'm sure I was in school.

then a little quality mom time to round out the weekend. she used to come visit me occasionally in college. going out to dinner with just her after the game made me feel really young again. really happy to see her. (even though the whole family had hung out just last week.) like she'd come to town to just see me.

by the end of the weekend I started to miss my college days. but after further consideration I know I don't want to go back. I can't go back. (although I'm sure I'll be nostalgic again come this weekend, which looks to be a mini-reunion for a friend's wedding.)

so, why is it that we only remember the good times? with college, with relationships? no wonder I think my life is great, I've conveniently forgotten most of the bad and boring times.


S.L. Peterson said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I always conveniently forget the crappy and boring times too - looking back it seems like college was fun 100% of the time, but I know that can't be the case...

kt said...

if you really want to remember the bad and crappy times, you can watch me study this week. that should do the trick. =) and i still laugh at our waitress saying that he got his eye makeup at the wizards chest! lol!

Kate said...

Isn't that always the way it goes...

Glad you had such a terrific weekend!