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Monday, January 30, 2006

sometimes it's meant to be

it started off wrong. there were a few minor delays, none of them our fault. all adding up to missing our flight. by about 3 minutes. yes, the plane was still at the gate. yes, the jetway was still attached. no, the airline employee was not understanding or compassionate.

so instead of spending the afternoon with our soon-to-be-married friend, we spent it in the airport. S napped. I worked. although we would have rather been hanging out with my friend, I got most of my work done and S got some needed rest. perhaps getting stuck wasn't so bad afterall.

when we finally arrived in Austin, we grabbed some Tex Mex and waited for our friend to finish her family dinner. then we headed out for drinks with the bride and groom and a few of their friends and family members. although fun, it was so loud I couldn't hear my friends' conversation, and the work waiting for me at the hotel kept invading my thoughts.

after a decent night's rest, and tying up the last few loose ends at work. we ran a few errands. met my dear friend for a late lunch. she told me her great news. she's expecting. it's so wonderful and amazing given the difficulty they had with their first. this one didn't even require a visit to a specialist. as she put it, it was meant to be.

just like our friendship. meant to be. S asked how we met. we traded off telling the story of how or moms met. before we ever went to college. they became fast friends at a parent weekend to give them the low down on the school.

our moms insisted we look each other up when we got to school. thankfully. I'm so very happy for her. I know how badly she wanted to have another baby. it makes me so very happy when things work out as they should for wonderful friends.


JAX said...

Everytime I get a chance to read your blog, I think 2 different things;

I think "I feel bad, like I'm reading her diary"

but I also think "RG has such a nice life!!"

Thanks for sharing RG and congratulations to your friend. Glad things worked out!!!!


Night Flier said...

It's amazing how God works, sometimes it is just meant to be. Great news about your friend! :)

Wordnerd said...

Awesome post, as always...