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Monday, January 02, 2006

you asked me what I want this year

the year ended well. (well, if you ignore Friday afternoon.) things finally fell into place for a place to stay in the mountains. I got to ski with an old friend. had dinner and drinks with friends new and old. even got a kiss (or three) on New Year's Eve. (none from a gwp, but helpful for the deflated ego).

the year began well. skied in the fresh powder with my sister-in-law. got in a nap. and even got to hang with my nieces. the weekend made me treasure the things I do have, even if I missed some that I don't.

I'm working on a better attitude for the new year. a positive outlook. a hope to find better days.


Jeremy said...

I got three new years kisses too!


Here is to your fantastic New Year!

jeopardygirl said...

I was in bed by 11:30, so no New Year's Kiss for me. But, I'm sure 2006 will be good, possibly for both of us. Keep your chin up! :)

JAX said...

Have a happy 2006 girl! Thanks for stopping by. I need to reorganize my links better so I stop by here more often. I am so behind on ramblin girl news!!!

Shananigans said...

Happy New Year RG! Here's to a fantastic 2006.

Rebecca said...

See - I'm married and I didn't get a New Year's kiss... You're already off to a great start! hahhaa.

Seriously though... always striving to improve ourselves is the best resolution we can make. :) Not just at New Years, but always.

Wordnerd said...

SO glad you got kisses, even if they were inconsequential! Happy 2006!

Elizabeth said...

I got a nice kiss...sigh. Have no idea where it's headed.

A positive outlook comes naturally to you, RG. You're gonna be just fine.