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Friday, November 04, 2005

what's a few drinks among friends?

this morning before work I was procrastinating. really didn't feel much like going to work. would rather have continued icing my back and taking vicadin at home. so, as I sometimes do when I don't feel well, I took a little extra time getting ready. then, even though I don't feel well, no one can tell just by looking.

as I walked into the coffee shop this morning, one of my favorite golden retrievers was there with her person. she's a great dog and her person is a really nice older gentleman. every time I see them in the morning, despite how tired I may feel, a smile sneaks onto on my face.

I planned to get her a bone out of the doggie treat canister as soon as I picked up my coffee. as I was waiting, my friend S walked up to me. we talked for a while. about work and being tired. (glad he couldn't see just how tired I really felt.) and grabbing a drink soon. we talked for a little while longer, then I had to get to work, so I grabbed my doggie friend her treat and left.

as I walked out of the coffee shop, I began wondering if my friend J was right. when we went to see S's band a while back she got the impression he was interested in me as more than just a friend. based on our banter before and after the show. I wasn't convinced. as I've mentioned before, I can be a bit clueless when it comes to guys (particularly guy friends) and whether they're interested in me or not.

so we're planning to go for a drink next week. well, unless my soon-to-be-new-little-niece makes a surprise early appearance. the question is, is it just a couple of friends grabbing a drink, or is there more to it?


Jen said...

Let's hope your niece sticks to the schedule!

Yoda said...


Yea! How would YOU feel about being more than friends with S?


kt said...

nice! hope it goes well and have fun! wish you could have come out with us last night.. whew boy!

dewey said...

If you keep it to a couple of drinks in your head, then there's less chance of disappointment if you get out with him and realize that it's just not clicking. I mean, he could be a Trekkie or something! :)

Yes, that's how we show our pessimism here in the Great White North - Keep your expectations LOW! :) Hope it turns out how you want it to, whatever that may be.

Jeremy said...

I hope you have a great evening, and my blessings to your new niece and her mom.

Shananigans said...

Boys, I don’t think even they know what they’re after half the time. Have fun whatever happens.