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Friday, November 18, 2005


this is exactly why I don't do New Year's Resolutions. they never last.

since I made my little list of changes, what was it, oh, yes, three short days ago, I've stayed up far too late every night. it's been entirely too cold to walk TheDog in the mornings. (for her, of course, not me.) and work has crept into other plans once or twice, as well.

of course, not all of this is necessarily bad. just why resolutions are made to be broken.

for instance the staying up too late? well, that's because I've been working and playing too much.

the other night the girls came over for wine and good conversation. we had a few appetizers before sampling a few different wines. then proceeded to "redecorate" my dining room. and by redecorate, I mean spill glitter, tinsel, paint and glue all over the place.

you saw the pumpkins from the last girls' night. this time it was ornaments. last year, when the craftiness was suggested, my friends all raised their eyebrows. but after convincing them it was more about drinking wine and less about artistry, they were in. and last year's decorating party was hilarious.

this year's was not too different. a few more friends. a bit more glitter. and more laughter. the ornaments are not necessarily museum-worthy. but even my non-Christmas celebrating friend had a great time reverting to kindergarten glitter-and-glue creativity.

then last night I had to make a bit of a drive with my sister and her husband to celebrate my mom's birthday with the rest of the family. more quality time with the nieces. great dinner. funny stories shared.

and then the bonzai trip back here to try and meet up with friends at my friend S's show. I caught only the last two songs, but got to see my friends and talk briefly with S after the show.

a little work was laced in where I could. while waiting for the girls the other night. while my sister drove last night. there's much more waiting for this weekend. but the temperature is rising and there's a blonde dog that has insisted upon a walk if not a hike. work will have to wait.


Callie said...

Hmmm, sounds like you should make your resolutions a bit more simple... maybe resolve to get to sleep earlier once or twice a week to start off? Just a thought. I think people heap resolution on top of resolution and get bogged down with really high expectations. As humans, we are creatures of habit, so maybe a small change here and there is more feasible and achievable?

The decorating party sounds like a ton of fun! Can you elaborate on what crafty concoctions you came up with? I'd love to do something similar with some of my non-craft-loving friends!

ramblin' girl said...

We started with either clear or solid colored ornaments, then you can either paint on them (with glass paint) or paint glue/water combination (more glue than water)and stick loose glitter to them. If you want to e-mail me, I'd be happy to send you some more info and ideas!

Jen said...

Well, one of your resolutions was to prioritize and spend more time with family and friends and you did really well on that one!

Celebrate your successes rather than worry about the ones that weren't so successful. You did a great job!

kt said...

eh, who needs sleep?

had fun at the show though - good seeing you again! hope you can come out tomorrow!

Rebecca said...

That night sounds worth breaking any and all resolutions you had. :) Nothing like a little fun w/ the girls!