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Sunday, November 20, 2005

how was your weekend?

come tomorrow morning, that's the question that will get asked. the answer will usually be something along the lines of "good, too short" regardless of the real answer.

so, what makes a weekend great? terrible? sometimes the same things.

shots of camaraderie with a friend for her birthday. realizing some things have nothing to do with me. having solid proof earlier intuitions were right.

too much to do. nothing to do. bowling and football games. set-ups and mix-ups. friends and family. not enough drinks. too much to drink. late night texts. cryptic writing.

so, how was my weekend? well, good, bad, ugly and far too short.

and yours?


Jeremy said...

Wonderful. The Utes beat the Cougars,
Had a killer hike with the dog, and saw the new Harry Potter with the fam.

Sounds like a Toyota commercial... who could ask for anything more?

Robb said...

I agree with you. Mine was far too short!

Jen said...

Always too short, but I am consoling myself with the fact that this is only a three day work week. YAY!

mountaindog said...

Ran a half-marathon with my sister (alas, Callie had to sit this one out). Sister wanted to come in under 2 hours and we did (just!). Up to my eyeballs in electrical wiring downstairs to boot.

All in all - a good weekend.

Underachiever said...

Reeked of suckitude.


GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

I shopped...LOL. I got some knitting done, catching up and went to a toy party. LOL.

Rebecca said...

I don't even remember the weekend, how sad is that?!? Oh I shower Friday, shopping w. kids on Saturday, and taking my little girl to the ER on Sunday. (ear infection, nothing tragic!). Looking forward to this weekend's the magical weekend of the Christmas Tree!