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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


my family used to go around the table at Thanksgiving telling everyone what we were thankful for. I got it started when I was in my sentimental-coming-home-from-college-for-the-holidays faze. friends at school told me they did this little tradition at home. so I harrassed my family to try it. but only my mom and I took it seriously, my brothers and sister made it into a joke. and we don't go around anymore.

so since I won't have the chance to tell the whole family at dinner tomorrow, I'm going to write down what I'm most thankful for. and since I won't be limited by the five seconds I'd have at my parents' house, my list will likely be long winded...

I am thankful for TheDog. she makes me smile when I don't want to. she insists I enjoy the little things. sniff the good smells. excercise my vocal cords when she's barking late at night. and she lets me know every day that I'm loved, unconditionally.

I am so very thankful for my amazing friends. they call just to say hi. stop by to see if I'm up for a walk. feed my dog when I'm stuck at work. send cards when I'm feeling sad. listen to me lament the small not-so-great things in my rather great life. play wing(wo)man when necessary. tell me he's not good enough for me when he's not interested. let me stay in their homes when I take my nomadic trips. let me be myself. and like me for who I am. encourage me and challenge me to be more. sympathize with me. and laugh with me. and go with me to see bands that I love play, even when they're not that into them.

I am so very thankful for my incredible family. besides the many things I've talked about before, they are always there for me. encouraging me. challenging me. and teasing me. lending me a couch until I can find the perfect replacement. collaborating on great gifts for others. requesting my advice on music. and making me laugh at myself.

I'm thankful for my coworkers, many of whom are also my friends. they swing by (miles out of their way) to give me a ride to a meeting when my tire is flat and my battery is dead. they give me rides home when I'm stranded at work. they bring breakfast burritos in, somehow knowing I was out of milk for my cereal this morning. they harrass me about my love life, in a nice way.

I'm also thankful for the nice baristas at the coffee shop that put up with my pre-caffeinated self. living in Colorado where outdoor activities are never far away. steaming hot cups of coffee. savory glasses of red wine. fantastic music. spectacular sunsets. being able to travel. and most of all for the friendship, humor and love in my life.


Brian Lavery said...

What a great post. Have a wonderful holiday R.G.

Underachiever said...


I'm thankful for this post.

I'm thankful for you.

have a good day, oh mistress of dead batteries and flat tires.



Elizabeth said...

We have that tradition. Sometimes the boys get silly, but we do it, nonetheless. Today's dinner will be very different from other years. It's just me and the boys, two of Greg's friends, Scott's girlfriend. It will be me and six children.

This will be the first Thanksgiving that their father will have chosen not to spend with them.

We're gonna have so much fun. :-)

Wordnerd said...

As always, great post. Thanks.

Rebecca said...

I love reading everyone's introspective, reflective posts. This is one of my favorites. Nicely said!

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

Wow, that said it all.