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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

football fan(atic)s

the day after Turkey day, the family headed to the game. we grew up football fans. bleeding black and gold. that's all there was.

then when I went to college, and didn't follow the rest of my family, I became a bit more of an outcast. I was teased by my brothers. my decisions were questioned by my parents. only my sister sort of understood my desire to go (far) away to school.

only when I came back to go to grad school. when I graduated and became an alum, did I get let back into the fan club in my family's eyes.

but not going there for undergrad, I don't live and die by our team quite as much as my brother and sister do. so after the pathetic loss Friday, after our team, our alma mater, was embarrassed on national tv, while the rest of my family lamented the loss, I just drove home. doing my best not to let the football rage seep in and become road rage.

sure, I was sad. it was a pathetic game. but regardless of what some guys think, life is not football. and since our neighbor to the east decided to give our team an early Christmas present, they get to play again next weekend. for the conference championship, no less.

and as I'm a bit more realist than football fan(atic) these days, I acknowledge that they don't deserve to play in the game, that they probably can't win. and I know my family, although they know the odds are not good, will still be devestated if (when) we lose Saturday.

although I really do hope they win, if the outcome is as I imagine it will be, I will again be the outcast. and as much as I love my family and think they're great, in this case I think perhaps it's better to be different.


Jeremy said...

You were sitting in that section that got cleared out for beaning the poor old ref in the noggin with a Dasani water bottle huh?

tsk tsk.


Wordnerd said...

I wish I didn't care so much. My fanaticism is such that a loss makes me a total bitch the rest of the day.

Wordnerd said...

. . .and, if your team is the one I think it is, I am REALLY, REALLY pulling for them this weekend!!! :)

liz said...

but what a nice family tradition you have going! my grandparents, both my parents, my uncle, and me are all alums --- and Grandpa had season tickets for 50 years. He & Grandma went to nearly every game.

When Grandpa died last year, we took over the tickets, and it's such a nice tradition. We always think of them at the games.