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Sunday, November 13, 2005

can't compare

the little one is adorable. maybe as adorable as her big sister. but I don't think I'm supposed to compare. and while she was making her entrance into the world, I got to play with her big sister.

big sister is 2. she knows my name. she insistently calls me by it when I've stopped playing for a minute. I'm not around her enough for her insistence to be anything but adorable. she's smart and cute, and, well, you could say she takes after her aunt.

the little one is so tiny. I can't believe two short years ago her big sister was that little.

time flies by. life flashes past in endearing smiles and giggles.

the crying fits, the tantrums, they get forgotten. the loving hugs, the little hand taking yours, those are the things that stick.

I know I'm happy where I am right now where my life has taken me. I know I've gone amazing places and done great things in my life. but somehow pictures of an amazing sunset seem to pale in comparison to a baby girl.

I know life is not measured only by the big milestones. but somehow being around my little nieces and other family this weekend, my accomplishments seem to pale a bit in comparison.


Yoda said...


Such beautiful, bittersweet sentiments. Children are so amazing, aren't they? I can attest to the fact that they get more incredible as they get daughters are such thoughtful, insightful, brilliant people that I sometimes ache for my shortcomings as a dad.

Congratulations to your sister, and hugs to you.


Kerri said...

We need details of this new little baby girl-- When was she born, how big was she, hair color, does she have a name yet? CONGRATS to your family!!!

Ms. Pan said...

Accomplishments do not pale...they're just cast in a different light. I'm so happy for your family!

Yoda said...

And...had I not been commenting at 3 am, I'd have had the words to say what Ms. Pan said so beautifully.

Really, that was what I meant to say, too. :-)


p.s. my verf word was "yorxfan". So, so not true. Go Red Sox!

Rebecca said...

You're just in a different place in your life. It doesn't make your accomplishments any less...just makes them different. :)

Jen said...

They are so cute aren't they- my neice and nephew were here this weekend, but I don't think I have enough energy to chase them around all day.

Jeremy said...

And then there are guys like me who, without my family, would be nothing.

I am not going to BS you... they have given my life meaning.

Underachiever said...

Just imagine all the stories you can tell your nieces and other children from the neighborhood.

Undr(tell me a stowy auntie Rambiliny)

28goingon40 said...

My very best friends have kids and I feel the same way. Seeing those little faces, knowing what is really important - it's a good reminder about why we all go through what we go through. My proudest moment was when my friend's now 6 year old, remembered me and called me by name. It's the Best!