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Friday, July 01, 2005


my grandma turns 90 years old on the 5th.

she went to get her independence renewed a few days ago.

they told her she couldn't have it.

as dangerous as it may be for her to get it renewed, it's her independence. she was extremely upset when they wouldn't renew it. so, she made an appointment for yesterday for a second opinion.

the eye doc gave her the thumbs up. she gets it renewed.

I know she's not the greatest driver anymore, because she can't see quite as well. then again, she only drives a few blocks to my parents' house, or to the store on roads she knows like the back of her hand. and she is very careful. it's her only means of getting out.

she truly sees driving as her independence.

so although I worry about her driving, I am so happy she has this bit of independence still. I am very much looking forward to celebrating that and her birthday with her this weekend.

Happy Independence Day, everyone*!

Happy Birthday, Gran!

(and Happy Birthday to Kristy on the 4th. if you have time, swing by and tell the firecracker Happy Birthday!)

* And happy Canada Day to you Canadians.


The World Against Me said...

Good for your grandma!

I always said to my wife, when I get so old that I need to depend on people, shoooot me! =(

But I can already see myself getting left behind as technology advances.. computer hardware doesn't come to me as easy anymore.. and some gadgets. (Camera and MP3 players in a PHONE?) just boggles me

Big B said...

Rambling gurl, a blessing in your midst - 90 year old Grams. My Grandma passed on at 97. What a great old gal she was, and how I miss her. I still have a newspaper article about her, with her picture on the refrigerator, describing her talents in water color painting.

I am happy for you and her ! :)

Brian Lavery said...

Thanks for the Canada Day reference. ha ha
Well, are you going to visit granny this summer?
Hey, she's 90!! Don't you remember all those birthday presents you got?

Brian Lavery

Julie said...

Thanks for the Happy Canada Day, RG. Happy firecracker day to you too! :) And Happy almost Birthday, RG's Gran!

Rainypete said...

Bravo to Gran for being so strong. Most people her age are imprisoned in "Retirement Communties" and the only independance they get is to pick what flavour of jello they want.

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

Your grandmother rocks!! I'm secretly jealous....My grandmother passed away a long time ago but I have plenty I can borrow from friends. : )

Sherri said...

That's sweet. I wish my grandmother was still around... :(

Liz said...

You are so lucky to still have your Grandma at 90. I only recently found your blog and have been enjoying reading it. You have no idea how appropriate your post was to me today, of all days. I just got a call that my Grandma, who is 76, is most likely about to die and I should fly back to New York immediately if I want to see her. She was perfectly healthy 3 days ago, but we think she has meningitis and she took a turn for the worst this morning. I read the link to your other post about your grandma it reminded me of times with my grandma, and what a truly special person she is. I'm still debating whether or not I should leave California immediately and fly across the country to see her with a breathing tube, or if I'd rather remember her as I do right now, as this truly amazing woman. I never realized that this time would come when I might have to say goodbye. I am truly happy for you that your grandma is doing so well and that she still has her independence! Thanks for reminding me how special grandmas are!