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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

life gets in the way

sometimes life gets in the way of, well, life.

sometimes work and doctors' appointments and other obligations cut into play time. sometimes play time insists it get a small billing despite the "important" stuff that takes center stage.

sometimes life just gets in the way of itself.

a routine visit turns out to be much more of an ordeal than anticipated. it turns out to be nothing too bad, just time, worrying and money not planned on.

a nearly finished project gets sidetracked at the last minute creating much more work. it'll get finished eventually, just more time, more effort.

a promise made long ago needs to be fulfilled during the busiest of busy weeks. and there is no wiggle room with this one.

a college friend visiting, a couple of wedding showers, a concert and video taping, a musical and dinner, a wine tasting and pottery class all insist on sharing the spotlight on center stage.

at least I know one thing I can procrastinate. sleep can wait in the wings for another week.

and so it goes. at least life keeps life interesting. I'd prefer being too busy to being bored.

perhaps I should be careful what I wish for.


Big B said...

Busy is your middle name it sounds like. Time will fly, when you're in this mode.

Anonymous said...

This IS what life is about. Without the unexpected...wouldn't it be boring? Enjoy the changes...and live life expecting them.

The Lurker

Aarwenn said...

Now THIS is a post I can relate to. This is exactly how my life has been this week and last. Personally, I've turned to wine.

Keith said...

Absolutely! May life's changes be positive for you, and a little wine is always a good thing.

gunngirl said...

I think it's better to be too busy, than be alone, bored and wishing you had many friends and family who wanted your time.

Jen said...

How do you even have time to blog with all that going on? Busy busy busy.

Robb said...

That seems to sum up my week! Great post!

Rainypete said...

The trick is to make sure you take time for you too, or else when everything slows down, you won't know how to deal with yourself. Know who you are and what you need (not want) and life will be much easier to deal with.