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Friday, July 15, 2005

tri, tri, tri, and tri again

my friend B: do you want to do a triathlon?

me: sure!

B: really?

me: yep, when is it?

she was a little shocked that I'd agreed so easily. I was a little shocked she wanted to do one. she's a self-proclaimed non-athlete.

but we signed up, and we trained and we started the triathlon.

we planned to celebrate over margaritas afterward. we were in the same wave, but she hung to the back of the pack for the swim. I was in the front, anxious to get in the water and swim the butterflies out.

the ride wasn't too bad, and I kept envisioning a frosty 'rita during the run as my inspiration to finish. I ran through the finish line, extremely proud of simply finishing my first triathlon, and looking forward to celebrating with my friend.

when I got back to the transition area after hanging out near the finish for a little while, B's bike and the rest of her gear were gone.

I knew she would run faster than me. our rides should have been about the same. but I'm a stronger swimmer (swim team since I was a kid). we should have finished up about the same time.

but B was nowhere to be found.

I went back to the finish to hang out with a few other friends that had done the race, then headed home.

I found out she'd blown a tire. she fixed it on the race course, but then blown another. she'd only had one replacement tube. so she walked her bike back to the transition, found her husband and left. she was crushed.

I was hooked.

I signed up again the next year, despite the fact that none of my friends that had done it that first year were entering the race. B was still too disheartened by the blow outs. the others weren't too happy with the crowded course.

I had a different reason for signing up the second year. my grandma had been diagnosed with breast cancer that year. the race supports breast cancer research. I registered and trained with her in mind.

two days before that race, I had a little mis-step getting into the shower. I ended up with a broken nose/concussion/bruised orbital/torn muscle under my shoulder blade.

I was crushed, I so badly wanted to do this race for my grandma. but it just wasn't to be that year.

or the next year.

a couple of months before the triathlon, I was on my way to work, stopped at a stoplight. I got rear-ended and taken to the ER. I had already signed up for the race, but there was no way I could do the race. no way my back and hip could handle it.

this year I signed up again. mostly as an inspiration to get back to training after the car accident. my doc gave me the ok, although she suggested I walk the run. (I'll see how it feels on race day.)

two of my friends from work are doing the triathlon with me. we even talked our company into sponsoring us and donating additional money to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

and although it might be a little painful, I intend to do my best, finish the race, and have fun.

and dedicate the race to my grandma, now a breast cancer survivor, and to her courage and her independence.

if she can overcome breast cancer at the age of 87, I can overcome a little car accident and finish the race on Sunday.

this one's for you Gran, thanks for being an inspiration to me!


Jen said...

That is very inspirational. I hope you are able to complete the race this year. Let us know how it goes.

Big B said...

Good for her RG, breast cancer's so tough for a ladie of any age. Congratulations on her remission, and I thought I was good doing 5K's, BUT you're doing triathlons :) lol

Jeremy said...

I have one tomorrow... only sprint distance though, one guy on my team has never done one so we are all doing it with him. Good luck on Sunday... I will send you good vibes while you are on the run.

Underachiever said...

Go for it Ramblin'! Good for your Ramblin Grandma!

Undr(Very Inspired)

Beeb said...

my nana would have been 106 july 13th...she passed away about two years ago and she was full of life and fire right up until the end. i think it's wonderful what you are doing for your gran...keep up the good work...someday i'll get around to a tri. i almost made it to my half marathon but of course, things never turn out how we want them to....anyway, good luck!

Jerk of All Trades said...

'Cause Jerk told you so!
If I say it it will happen.
Example: During this last election I was sitting there watching TV and I said "Watch, that morons gonna get re-elected" lo and behold IT HAPPENED!! (sorry everybody)


Jacquie said...

Hi ramblin girl. Its so funny, I'm one of those "bored" people I guess and I just wanted to let you know I can relate so much to your blog. I have one with my girlfriends but I just recently started my own for probably pretty much the same reason as you. I hope you don't mind, I put a link to your blog on my blog so I can keep reading. It's funny but these blogs can be a little inspiring!

Does it freak you out that people you don't know read your thoughts? I think it's kinda cool and fun in a way. Oh well, thanks for sharing all your random thoughts. Very interesting.

Your lost twin out in the Midwest,

PS... I was wondering where you got this cute design for your template? I need something fresh for mine. Any help is appreciated!!

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

Let us know how it goes! Good luck!

ramblin' girl said...

Thanks everyone for your wishes of luck!!

PS - Jax, I sort of did the template myself. although I'm thinking of changing it as soon as I have time...