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Thursday, July 21, 2005

it's a book thing

I know, I know. I'm not the biggest fan of the guilt-inducing tag, but I sincerely want to thank 28goingon40 for this one. I was sort of dreading getting it, because I haven't had much time to read lately. but I loved answering the last question!

How many books do you own?

I have no idea as most of my books are packed in boxes in my basement after a little house flood. they are still awaiting new bookshelves, but guessing probably a hundred or so.

What is the last book you bought?

I haven't bought a book for myself in I can't even tell you how long. I often get them as gifts or loans (permanent or temporary) from friends. part of that is I never know what to buy. I need a book guru to tell me the books I'd want to read.

What is the last book you read?
I'm currently reading The Life of Pi, by Yann Martel. Been a while since I'd read anything else of mention.

What's the one book that you can't wait to read?
Angels and Demons, by Dan Brown. I really enjoyed the da Vinci Code, and have heard A&D is even better. I've got the hardcover, I just have been too busy to read at home and hate carting around the hardcovers. (Also for you da Vinci Code fans, you should read The Genesis Code, by John Case)

What 5 books are most important to you?

I have to pick just 5?

Jonathon Livingston Seagull, by Richard Bach - read it in high school and it was an inspiration to me. I'd always been the good, quiet kid, and never drew attention to myself or pushed too hard for what I wanted. I think reading this started to crack my shell a little. (I also love Bach's Illusions and One)

The Catcher in the Rye, by J. D. Salinger - think my love of this book had a lot to do with the way Holden interacts with his sister. how I wished my brothers would have acted toward me when I read it. they are protective and loving now, and probably were then, but just didn't let me see or know it.

To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee - always thought it was fantastically written. an inspiration to look beyond simple appearances to what is in people's hearts.

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, by Robert Fulgham - I love, LOVE his collection of short stories and life lessons. actually may be what has most shaped the way I write. (I also like his other collections, in particular True Love, where he shares love stories of all kinds from readers and others. guess it speaks to the hopeless romantic lurking within me.)

my unabridged collection of Robert Frost poems - another pivotal bit of reading for me, as I love many of his poems, two favorites being "The Road Not Taken" very poignant at times regarding life choices and "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" as most days I feel as if I have miles to go before I sleep.

and now I'm supposed to tag 3 more people, but I don't think that anyone who reads here regularly hasn't already done this one. so if you want to answer, feel free, I'll even properly tag you if you want. it's really not so bad, once I got around to it.


Jeremy said...

You definitely have an appreciation for some classics.
Miles to go before I sleep was my motto in the Army.

Tanya Kristine said...

I read the life of was interesting.

most of my books are self-help and diet books, if that tells you anything... :)

Tanya Kristine said...

Hmm...i just checked out that book all i ever learned was from kindergarden...i'm gonna get it.

no name said...

so many times i click that 'next blog' link and get blog after blog of ADS! You have a lot of content here, i'll have to look around. I keep 2 bloggers and they are linked together in the side module, if you'd like to read.
I'll have to bookmark you and read some more.

kt said...

i thought angels and demons was better than the divinci code (which i loved!). have fun when you get to that one!

also, if you're in the mood for some fluffy, mindless, fun chic books (although i get the impression that they may not be your thing.. but you never know), i highly recommend sophie kinsella (shopaholic series, and "can you keep a secret"). very funny and great entertainment. =)

Tanya Kristine said...

i'm so impulsive.

i got that book. however it's not his newer version which i am bummed about. but it'll be good i'm sure.

ramblin' girl said...

t k - you definitely should get that book. oh, well, guess you did while I was typing...

peq tig- thanks for stopping by, will check yours out soon.

kt - I love mindless fluff chick books, just usually don't find too much meaning in them, and can't keep the titles or authors of them straight. thanks for the tip!

Robb said...

I don't want to impress you too much or anything, but I am a Green Eggs and Ham man myself...

Have a great weekend!

Jeremy said...

Green Eggs and Ham is Gospel!

Kelly said...

Angels & Demons is next on my reading list too...just bought it - I loved The da Vinci Code. I just read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold - I definitely recommend it as well.

(I've been reading your blog for a while now and not only am I addicted (LOL) but I'm inspired and I'm starting to train to do a triathlon next fall!)

Vancouver, BC Canada

atoep said...

I'm the same way with movies. Nice blog.

Angel, librarian and educator said...

Fulghum's book was one of my choices as well when I answered the meme. I was reading it sometime around the time I was student teaching many, many moons ago (or so it seems). I loved his little note on the values of kindergarten along with the other short tales. I have not read some of his later work, but I may have to pick it up sometime. Anyways, just stopping by. Best.

mountaindog said...

I would be curious to see what you think of, "Life of Pi". I thought it a wonderful book. Right now I am reading, "Cloud Atlas" by David Mitchell. I have a feeling it is going to be a very good book...



Anonymous said...

Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella

This is a pretty funny book, it's ultimately a modern day romance, although it starts out with a confession from a young woman during turbulence on an airplane. It will make you laugh and make you think. (ignore the pink cover) lol, cheers!