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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

freezing in the New Year

It's a brand new year. New Year's Day. I had fantastic plans for ringing in the new year.

This morning I'm snuggled up under several blankets. The view out the window is spectacular. Beautiful blue-bird blue skies. Snow covered trees and mountains.

My plan was to be on the hill early this morning. Skiing. Enjoying the beauty.

But, plans have a way of not working out lately.

I've either gotten old, or just wimpy. The thermometer is still showing the temperature is below zero. And that doesn't include the wind chill. I just can't bring myself to get all geared up to freeze.

Old? Maybe. Wimpy? Definitely.

A little sad, too. J, other friends and the boy were supposed to come up to the mountains to join me in ringing in the new year. Between the road closures and the "treacherous" driving conditions, none made it up.

I spent most of the past few days hanging out with my brother and his family. Thankfully they like my company. Enough that the minute it was clear i would be solo on New Year's Eve, they insisted I join them.

Graciously feeding me, when I'd had reservations. My nieces and Trivial Pursuit entertaining me, instead of hanging out and drinking beers in a bar. Watching fireworks from their condo, instead of freezing on Main Street.

The surprising part was that I didn't miss the going out. At all. I would have loved if the boy could have been here to kiss as the ball dropped, twice replayed. But I'm a little glad we didn't have to go to a crowded bar.

Perhaps it just all goes back to being old and wimpy. But I'm perfectly happy staying inside, watching a little of the Rose Bowl Parade, then some football, waiting for the mercury to rise so I can enjoy the skiing, instead of freezing. Because freezing is only fun when you can enjoy that steaming cup of hot cocoa afterward with someone.

Happy New Year to you all!


Glitter said...

Happy New Year!!!

kt said...

you should have come out with us. it was FUUUUUUUN! :)

Jeremy said...

Whimpy? with all the stuff you do and your back? Hell, you are the epitome of tough if you ask me - and I was in the Army. I know tough. (Besides, I wore tuffskins when I was little so believe me when I say I know tough!)

Happy, wonderful, artistic, outdoor concerts and slobbery kisses from the dog, New Year!