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Monday, January 07, 2008

Go Tigers!

Way to go Tigers! Not to downplay LSU's National Title, because I'm very happy they beat the poisonous nuts. However, I'm a bit more excited about my Tigers!

Time Magazine's Sports Moment of the Year

Pontiac's Game Changing Performance of the Year

To check out the full video of Trinity's 15 laterals to win over Millsaps click here.

And to those of you that say it wasn't football, or was only Division III, think about a few things. These guys aren't Division I players. They aren't on scholarship. They played their hearts out to keep their championship hopes alive. And were, in fact, SCAC Co-Champs this year. They also won $100,000 for their school, simply by playing the game they love.


Jeremy said...

Now that is true fan devotion... even admitting an association with a Div III team...
I am kidding.

Can you feel your toes yet? We got dumped on the other day, and it was supposed to be snowing ever since but no such luck. It isn't fun when it is this cold without the falling snow. There should be a law...

Anonymous said...

That is so freakin' cool! And thanks for giving MY Tigers the love as well!