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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

hanging hopes

It's days like this that I hate. The days you leave before the crack of dawn. Barely get home in time feed TheDog, warm up some leftovers and head to bed to start it all over again.

I like the work. The projects. I just don't like the work until you drop mentality. They keep promising it will get slower.

I'm starting to get tired. Tired of hanging my hopes on promises of what will be.

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Elizabeth said...

Me, too, RG. Me, too.

This boy/girl thing is so confusing. I'm promising myself a break, really I am. Maybe in March.

I'm working on an invention. It works like a mood ring except you wear it on your forehead and it gauges how into you your date is. You can see his, and he can see yours, but you can't see or adjust your own. It's just what it is, good or bad.

Not makin' much progress on it, but wouldn't it be cool? Save so much on heartache and wishful thinking.