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Monday, January 28, 2008

turned around

After a text message exchange that lasted into the wee hours of the morning, during which I may have been dumped, I decided to head for the hills. Literally.

I had contemplated going up earlier in the week, but with the promise of Spring-like weather here, I had thought staying might be more enjoyable. But getting away was starting to sound better and better.

After happy hour Friday, I skipped my friend's show to head up the hill. But, first, I had to nap off my stouts. Said nap lasted until the wee hours of Saturday morning, so I headed to bed to drive up Saturday instead.

Once I woke up the beautiful blue skies beckoned me. A walk with TheDog for coffee was just what I needed. The one thing will always cheer me up regardless of what's got me down.

My mood continued to improve. The fresh mountain air, looking at snow sculptures with my brother's family, playing in the snow with my nieces, a beautiful day on the slopes. All helped me to forget the exchange from a few nights before.

Over the weekend there were other messages. Messages as if nothing had been said. Insistence that I send pictures from skiing, so he could live vicariously.

I know he's going through a rough time. I just don't know what I'm supposed to do. What direction to head. Whether to turn around or go forward. Whether I should hope for Spring or enjoy Winter while it's here.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, RG, the no-man's land of relationships is so utterly painful. I like nice, smooth, easy progression from lust to like to love. I despise the bumps, the U-turns, the deadends and retraced steps. I want simple. I want simple for you and I want it for myself...and every other lonely person in the world.

There oughtta be a law...

Glitter said...

If I were you, I'd ask him to fess up and decide if you guys should be together. Being in LIMBO STINKS!

kt said...

be sure to make a decision before the 9th so that you can come to my party ;)