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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

not good

It was part of my present. A night out. Dinner and a movie. And in typical date fashion, he even picked me up.

Sushi is one of our favorite things to enjoy together. The place was new to both of us. And will not be graced with our presence again anytime soon.

Compared to our nearly once a week favorite, this place more than paled in comparison. The service was not great, and the sushi was even worse.

I laughed it off. He seemed genuinely upset that the gift he chose was not the best sushi.

I got to choose the movie. I chose poorly. I love Will Smith, just not this movie. At all.

He told me I'm off movie-picking duty. I agreed.

The first night after our "talk" turned out to be a bust. He even said he was mad at Santa, since the whole night was part of my Christmas present.

I didn't really mind. I had fun with him, despite the food, despite the bad movie. I told him I enjoyed the company despite the rest. Thanking him again for the gift.

But something's not quite right. Perhaps a girl should take the hint when her boyfriend is more interested in who is text messaging him than the movie he's at with his girlfriend. Even a bad movie.


VJ said...

Don't know, but I agree it sounds a bit off.

This reminds me of the one Japanese sushi place we had down here years back (before sushi became so popular that they now have it in Publix markets). It was one of those Benihana knock offs, but the service was always atrocious (they would make you wait for another couple to start a 'new table'), and I would later find out that the place was always failing their health inspections. They had a really ratty sushi bar next to their really ratty regular bar. It was just filthy, rotting & run down. Only the really poor lighting saved it from immediately being gross out material for anyone who might have looked closely. The last time we went we were waiting in the bar area for a table when I saw bunches of brave cockroaches all over their sushi serving area. That was enough for me, we never went back. I think we only managed to actually eat there once, given the almost hour long average wait for a table. Call me finicky, but I don't wait more than 1/2hr for food. Anywhere.

So poor service, really dirty digs, & unsafe food, they went out of business awhile back, but it sure took them a long time though! Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

Rainypete said...

There's nothing like good sushi. Unfortunately you didn't get it that night and that can be a bummer when you're set on some.

I'd say there's something there if the text messaging held more interest, but then again....I'm picky.

Glitter said...

Icky sushi leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Okay the phone thing PISSES me off to no end, unless he was waiting for a text to find out if someone was dead or something. Pay attention to who you are with! Sorry...rant over.

hubs said...

What sushi restaurant? Just so i know to avoid it. Which on is your regular?

Also, a date should NOT be a christmas present, it should be a date.

Hope all is going well.

ramblin' girl said...

Hubs, avoid Bluefin. Just NOT good. I know it's cliche, but Sushi De n is one of our favorites. And is it any better if the date was just a small part of the present.

deweyintoronto said...

Hm. Waning interest in the (fairly) early stages is maybe a sign that it's not quite right. You might want to take a step back to figure out where it's going before you get *too* invested in a guy who's throwing red flags up. There's a lot of frogs to be kissed in the quest for a single prince.

Jen said...

The while text messaging thing sends up major red flags for me. If the texting wasn't to and from you, it should not have interrupted your date. Priorities, you know. It seems that this is another frog unless there is some unseen explanation. Don't settle for a frog- you are way too good for that.