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Monday, January 14, 2008

wings of a dream

A night out with the girls. We didn't really need a reason. Never have. But we had one that night. The celebration of an engagement.

We laughed and shared tales of our lives. Some I had heard, some I hadn't. Our conversations made me realize these girls really know me. How lucky I am to have them all so close.

They were there when I was becoming me. When we stayed up late studying. Making up new drinks. Setting each other up. Singing on stage at bars. Dancing at clubs. Laughing at silly boys who use silly pick-up lines. Listening to each other's stories.

They're still here, and I'm still becoming me. The studying has been replaced by working. We don't dance and sing together as much anymore. But the boys still use their silly pick-up lines. And we still listen. And encourage. And ground each other, while still giving each other's dreams wings.

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VJ said...

You are truly fortunate & blessed with many good & long term friends. That's more valuable than you might imagine. Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'